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Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What is eH+?

eH+ is eHarmony’s new premium service. It’s the eHarmony you know – a large pool of great singles, compatible matches, and a track record for helping to create successful relationships – but with the added benefit of personal interactions with your eH+ Matchmaker.

The eH+ Matchmaker will be with you every step of the way, learning about what you want and need in a relationship, using this information to find your most compatible matches, incorporating your feedback, and helping you evaluate your connection with your matches.

In addition, the eH+ Matchmaker will work with you to discover the best ways to present yourself and achieve your relationship goals.

eH+ works primarily offline, so you can be free from the work of managing an online dating account.

eH+ also provides these great benefits:

  • We will ensure that any match sent to you has already expressed an interest in your profile. No more hoping your match wants to communicate with you.
  • eH+ matchmakers will send you a hand-picked, varied set of compatible matches to consider.
  • You will enjoy more privacy because your profile will not be automatically presented to dozens of matches; therefore, you will have less exposure to people who are not necessarily a perfect match for you.

2) How does it work?

  • After you complete the eH+ registration process (see FAQ #4), you’ll receive a phone call from our Lead Matchmaker welcoming you to the service, and a Get Started email. This email will give you a lot of detail about eH+ and our Service Agreement.
  • Then you will complete the Relationship Questionnaire. Your matchmaker will work with you on developing your profile and photos. You will be provided with a link to schedule a phone interview with your eH+ Matchmaker.
  • During the phone interview, the eH+ Matchmaker learns about your relationship past, your deal-breakers, and your physical preferences – giving him/her a much deeper sense of who you are and what you need.
  • Your Matchmaker will work with you to build a “match attributes” list. This list will hone in on the specific traits you value in a partner, and it will be the litmus test we use to determine if someone is appropriate for you and counts as one of your introductions.
  • The eH+ Matchmaker will also support you in presenting your best self to further strengthen your compatibility with others.
  • Based on the information in your Relationship Questionnaire, your Match Attributes list and the phone interview, the eH+ Matchmaker will select matches who he or she believes will be a great fit for you.
  • When a compatible match has been selected, the eH+ Matchmaker will contact him/her with some information about you(including photo(s) but no personally identifiable information such as last name, phone number or address) to determine if he or she is interested in you. If there’s no interest, you will not be notified of this match. If the match is interested in you, then your eH+ Matchmaker will spend time with this match, asking them about the things that are important to you. Your eH+ matchmaker will then contact you with information about this match.
  • If you are interested in the match as well, your eH+ Matchmaker will suggest ways in which you and the match can directly communicate.
  • After you have communicated and/or had a date with a match, you can discuss your communication or date with your eH+ Matchmaker and, depending on your experience, you will continue to get matches and/or proceed in getting to know your current match.
  • You and your eH+ Matchmaker will establish a communication routine to review your matches regularly.

3) How soon can I get started?

That’s up to you. After you’ve registered for eH+ (see FAQ #4) you will receive an email with further instructions, which will include a link to a calendar to schedule your initial phone interview with your eH+ Matchmaker. It is up to you to decide when to schedule that interview based on the available dates. There are many dates and times available to meet with your eH+ Matchmaker, and we will work to accommodate your schedule.

However, before scheduling an interview, you must complete the Relationship Questionnaire and upload photos.

4) How do I sign up for eH+?

An eH+ subscription purchase takes place through an eH+ representative. It can take as little as 10 minutes if all your questions have been answered. The eH+ representative will close your current account on (if you have one), open a new account for eH+, and take a credit card payment. He or she will send you instructions on how to take the Relationship Questionnaire, complete your profile, upload your photos, and schedule an appointment with your eH+ Matchmaker.

5) Do I get same matches as I would through the Single Service?

Not necessarily. Your eH+ account will generate matches for you based on eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching System. But eH+ goes a step further in that your EH+ Matchmaker will use his or her system access, judgment, and experience to send you matches for consideration that you may not have received through a basic eHarmony Service subscription. Your EH+ Matchmaker will review and potentially edit your Relationship Questionnaire responses, personal account settings and profile responses as part of this process. In addition, your EH+ Matchmaker will use his or her information about you based on your phone interview (and additional conversations) to allow you to further consider the suitability of specific matches. For example, the eHarmony Compatibility Matching System does not match based on preferences in physical appearance. Based on your EH+ Matchmaker’s conversation(s) with you, he or she may include physical appearance preferences into your match selection criteria. This personalized process may lead you to receive different matches than you would have by subscribing to the basic service.

6) Will the eH+ service arrange my dates?

No. Your eH+ Matchmaker will provide you with compatible matches who are interested in you. It is entirely up to you and your match to communicate or schedule dates. The eH+ Matchmaker will be available to provide you with feedback as well as listen to your experience after a date.

7) Is this an online service?

eH+ utilizes the power of online dating but we take you offline once you have completed your Relationship Questionnaire and profile and uploaded your photos. You get the benefit of millions of people on but your eH+ Matchmaker will manage your match pool and reach out to potential matches. Your eH+ Matchmaker will communicate with you personally in the manner you prefer – by phone, text, skype and/or email. Once you have your initial interview with the eH+ Matchmaker, you will no longer use your online account.

8) Will the eh+ Matchmaker be acting as my therapist or counselor?

No, you are not entering a therapist-patient relationship with your eH+ Matchmaker. eH+ Matchmakers will be there to provide you with feedback on your profile, matches, or anything else connected to your eH+ subscription. The eH+ service is not intended to take the place of a patient-therapist relationship or participation in psychotherapy.

9) What should I expect in my interactions with my eH+ Matchmaker?

Your eH+ Matchmaker is here to serve you and your needs. It is expected that different individuals will have different and unique preferences for how they relate to and receive feedback from their eH+ Matchmaker. He or she will ask for your responses about how the process is going with you and if it’s meeting your expectations. You are invited to state your preferences and provide suggestions on how your eH+ Matchmaker can best support you in meeting your relationship goals.

10) Is eH+ available for individuals looking for same-sex relationships?

Yes. The process for individuals looking for same-sex relationships is the same except that the eH+ representative will provide you with a link to our same-sex dating service,, to complete your Relationship Questionnaire and to upload photos.

11) Does eH+ perform background checks on my matches?

No. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, eHarmony does not conduct criminal background checks on any of its members. There are a number of reasons for this including (but not limited to) incomplete or inaccurate criminal record databases.  Background checks may provide subscribers with a false sense of security, and we do not want our members to have unrealistic expectations when using our services.

Keeping our members safe is incredibly important to us. We focus our efforts on empowering people to use good judgment and to be responsible for their safety, as they would anywhere else. Within the site, we provide useful tips on how to stay safe while communicating with or meeting eHarmony matches. Members are required to view and acknowledge a detailed Safety Tips page before communicating with any match.

Additionally, we have a Trust & Safety team dedicated to combating fraud and monitoring the quality and integrity of the eHarmony membership pool. eHarmony also screens subscribers who reside in the United States against publicly available sex offender registries. However, no method is foolproof and we cannot guarantee that any of our efforts will be effective.

Thus, we encourage our members to report any concerning behavior or information about their matches to We will investigate each and every report, and take any appropriate action that is necessary, including termination of a member’s subscription.

12) Do I have to upload my own photos?

Yes. Although you are offline, your profile will be activated in the accounts of your potential matches. Therefore it’s best to have as complete of a profile as possible. Your eH+ Matchmaker will assist you in presenting your best self through your profile.

13) Do I have to complete my profile?

Yes. Although you are offline, your profile will be activated in the accounts of your potential matches. Therefore it’s best to have as complete of a profile as possible. Your eH+ Matchmaker will assist you in presenting your best self through your profile.

14) What if I start dating someone during my year subscription?

Congratulations! If you decide to start dating someone, please notify your matchmaker and he/she will stop your match search. You can contact us at any time and we will pick up the search.

15) What if I already have an account with eHarmony but I want to purchase eH+?

Follow the same steps as listed in FAQ #4. As part of the eH+ registration process, the eH+ representative will close your existing account, refund your current subscription fee, and open a new eH+ account. You’ll notice that you must re-take the Relationship Questionnaire. It’s important that the most current “you” is reflected in your eH+ information. It only takes about 15 minutes, and is vital to the success of your subscription.

16) Does eH+ provide me with any guarantees?

We do. But it’s important to understand that we’re not guaranteeing that you will become married. It is impossible for us to guarantee that a particular person will date you, or that you will want to date a particular person. We are working on your behalf to make introductions to people that our years of research have proven will be a compatible long-term partner for you.

We always guarantee a set number of high-quality introductions with every membership package that we offer.

In your initial conversation with your matchmaker he/she will work with you to build your Match Attributes list. All of your eH+ matches are compatible with you in the deep and important ways that we feel are needed for a successful long-term relationship. Matching these 29 dimensions is difficult, but vital to broad-based compatibility.

Your Match Attributes list is less deep-seated and more a set of preferences that you may have for a partner. You and your matchmaker will create a list with 10 or so attributes that you highly value. Once we have vetted and approved a match who shares 80% of your match attributes and is interested in meeting you, that person will count as one of your introductions.

17) What if eH+ really isn’t working for me- can I get a refund?

A refund for eH+ is only available for requests made within 3 business days of purchase. While we cannot refund your eH+ subscription fee after this period, we hope that you will let us know what you feel is not working for you. Do you need to further define your relationship wants and needs? Do you need to give your eH+ Matchmaker more feedback about your preferences or about how you want him/her to interact with you? Are you dissatisfied with the matches you are receiving? One component of the service is to support you in presenting your best self. This might include helping you identify ways you may be holding yourself back from a satisfying relationship. Ask your eH+ Matchmaker to help you identify concrete ways you can be your most desirable self to optimize your success with your matches.

18) Will I be matched with eH+ members or with people on’s Single Service?

You will be matched with people in your match pool generated from’s Single Service. We want the biggest match pool possible from which to select your matches. If we think that another eH+ member would be a good match for you, we will reach out to him or her, but in general we will match you with subscribers to the Single Service who appear in your match pool.

19) Who would benefit from a subscription to eH+?

Almost anyone. We have eH+ members from all stages of life and in various geographic regions in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia. eH+ members share a common desire to be in a romantic relationship but find that they are too busy to manage their online dating accounts or that something online is not working well for them. They are willing to make the investment in themselves to change what is not working and let us get to work for them.

20) Is eH+ available internationally?

eH+ is only available in the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia.