9 Signs Your Dating Profile Needs Some Work


You want to give yourself the best chance at finding love. That means avoiding the following at all costs…

You have included a selfie in a bathroom

No. Just no. If there’s one thing on your profile that deserves more effort, it’s the quality of your photos. Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re visual creatures so if you have any of the following pictures on your online dating profile, delete them immediately: bathroom selfie, your face hidden by shadows, only bikini/swimmer shots, a member of the opposite sex with their arm around you (even if it’s your sister!).

You don’t mention that The Bee Gees is your jam

If you censor your profile, you will end up with the wrong person, or a person who is expecting one thing, when you’re another. Being honest is better for them – and you – in the long run.

You list ‘hanging out with friends’ as your hobby

This is not a hobby – just proof you’re normal. You need to reveal more about yourself, such as what you do in your spare time. If a lack of free time means that your hobby is hanging out with friends and family, be more specific with small details, eg “I don’t have much spare time so when I do, I love to spend the afternoon playing in the park with my three year old niece (I think the record for pushing her on the swings was 45 minutes!) Then I head out to dinner with friends. Thai is my fave… along with a few bottles of good pinot noir. Or shiraz. Or merlot. Or… anything. I love red wine!”

You mention your ex

There’s no need to air your dirty laundry on your profile.

You make it all about sex

Your profile isn’t a classifieds ad. Keep it classy and respectful.

You’re negative

There are tough parts and boring parts of life (hello, taxes!), but dating isn’t either – it’s fun, remember?! Or at least it should be. Being positive and upbeat will attract you to great people. Fact.

You haven’t had a second opinion

Asking a close friend to read your profile will make all the difference to its quality. Most of us find writing about ourselves incredibly difficult, and aren’t very good at talking ourselves up. A friend will be able to point out if you’ve forgotten to mention any of your great qualities.

You haven’t done a quick spelling and grammar check

No excuses for this one! Do it.

You’re too sarcastic

Sarcasm is great, but it’s easy to misinterpret it as rudeness when it’s written on paper and there aren’t any of the usual contextual clues eg body language, tone of voice to show you’re joking. This is the one example where ‘tell, don’t show’ rule applies.

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