7 Little Acts Of Romance Happy Couples Do For Each Other


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In celebration of Romance Awareness Month, we asked eHarmony couples to share their tips for keeping the romance alive.

“He walks on the outside of the footpath, always. I’m very much a feminist but it’s very endearing. He also bought me tickets to see a musical as a surprise. He hates musicals but loves seeing me smile.”

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– Anna-Lee & Jason


“When Eric is working outside I make morning tea and take it over to share with him. It’s always a surprise for him.”

– Deb & Eric

Tip: leave each other romantic notes or texts

“Jimmy will do little things like buy me my favourite snacks when we are on the road for work, and he always holds the door open for me. I like to cook for him and do little things like make sure he has enough clothes for work as he has to be away a few nights each week.”

– Gemma & Jimmy

“Romance can be anything from having date night to my husband helping me with work or bringing in the washing. It’s just the little things that make me smile.”

– Jess & Chris

“For me, when Matt makes my coffee in the morning (claims he makes it with love), or gets me a hot water bottle for my stomach, that’s romance. It’s unconditional love and care. We also leave one another little notes on the kitchen bench or the windshield of the car. Matt also writes little poems from time to time.”

matt & Cass

– Cass & Matt


“The little love text messages when you know the other is having a bad day, and having regular date nights.”

Dirk & Annie

– Dirk and Anne

“Regn and I always send little texts during the day or leave each other notes around the house just to the other know we are thinking about them.”

– Elissa & Regn


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