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Are you more compatible with people of other cultures?

by eHarmony

Dating outside your culture can bring up some important questions around compatibility and whether you will be accepted by your partner’s family. While it can be difficult to broach this topic with a new partner, working through any concerns from the start will ensure the relationship is built on a sturdy foundation.

Senior dating: you’re never too old to find love

by eHarmony

If you weren’t a little bit nervous about getting back into the dating game in your autumn years, we would have to take you to the lab for testing because chances are you’re not human.

Chronicles of an Internet Dater: Part 1

by admin

Today’s guest blog comes from Brisbane-based Eve Wilson, a twice-married mum of five who embarked on an internet dating adventure which brought such extreme highs and lows that she decided to write a book about it. Eve will be sharing her useful and entertaining musings in a new fortnightly series to help others who are looking for love online.

7 reasons why winter is the perfect season for dating

by Annemarie Gallard

Our research shows that Aussies date less frequently in the colder months compared to summer, with many claiming that it’s harder to plan exciting dates. But with some thought and willpower, you can make this winter your best dating season yet. Here are 7 reasons why:

Top tips for dating a divorced man with kids

by eHarmony

Divorce can be a traumatic experience, but most people come out of it with a renewed sense of self and a solid idea of what they’re looking for in a new relationship. But what about when the man you’re dating not only has an ex-wife, but children too? Here are our top tips for dating a divorced man with kids.

Are you ready to date after your divorce?

by eHarmony

There’s no ‘right’ time to start dating again after a divorce. Each individual is different, and only you can know what feels comfortable. Being able to start dating again after divorce means having faith that you can once again find a happy relationship. Ask yourself the following questions to see if you’re ready to get back into the dating game.

Why it’s time to put the fun back into the dating game

by admin

By Joy Lin

Fun winter date ideas

by Marie-Claire Ducharme Sayers

When the mercury drops, do you instinctively go into hibernation mode? According to our research, you’re not the only one. 1 in 4 Australians reports a dating decline during the winter months, with the cooler temperatures blamed for putting a damper on creative dating.

9 Myths About Dating Women

by Annemarie Gallard

Following our 9 dating myths about men, here are our top 9 myths about dating women!

9 Myths About Dating Men

by eHarmony

There are many common perceptions out there when it comes to dating the opposite sex, however most of the time they are nothing but myths. Here are our top 9 worst stereotypes about dating men that you should steer clear from!

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