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The 3 Reasons Freud Was Right

by admin

This week, eHarmony’s Dating and Relationship Expert, Melanie Schilling, explores some of Freud’s theories and their relevance to the modern dating world. Reflecting on eHarmony’s Relationship Study results, Mel breaks down the three most interesting findings and invites you to decide what they mean for you and your relationships.

Five Tips on Surviving the Online Dating World


by admin

Today’s guest blog post comes from Michelle Gay – blogger, eHarmony success story and proud Mum. Michelle had just about given up on dating when she met her now-husband, Andrew on eHarmony in 2011. Lucky she gave him a chance because he swept her off her feet! From dealing with nerves, expectations and disappointment, here she shares the top five strategies she learned from her online dating journey.

Spring Clean Your Dating Life

by admin

In her latest post, eHarmony’s Dating and Relationship Expert, Melanie Schilling, gives her advice on shedding your winter blues and getting back out into the dating scene. Spring is the perfect opportunity to adopt a positive attitude and revisit your dating strategy, so follow Mel’s top tips to reignite your dating life this Spring!

3 things people get wrong about online dating

by admin

Perth blogger, eHarmony success story, and the girl behind the self-love movement Project Positive, shares three common misconceptions about online dating and why they’re wrong!

How to ask for that all-important first date

by admin

The experts at The Confetti Group bring you today’s guest blog post, which breaks down the process of asking someone out on a first date. From preparing for initial contact to picking the right moment to make your move, follow these steps to arm yourself with confidence and the best chance of dating success!

Chronicles of an Internet Dater Part 4: Dating with Children

by admin

In part 4 of her guest blog series, Brisbane-based author, mum, online dater extraordinaire and eHarmony success story, Eve Wilson, shares her experience and advice on dating with kids. From what to write on your profile, to bringing it up on a first date, Eve figured out the hard way the dos and don’ts of dating with children, so you don’t have to!

Dear Melanie … Your Personal Dating Questions Answered

by admin

eHarmony’s Dating and Relationship Expert, Melanie Schilling, answers your questions about love and dating. This week, Mel dishes her advice for those experiencing the all-too-common endless dating cycle, and explains why reflecting on your dating mindset and strategy helps create a more positive dating experience.

5 great spring date ideas

by eHarmony

Spring has sprung in Australia, which means it’s time to say goodbye to boots and wool jumpers and hello to sandals and short sleeves. And while cosy dates by the pub fireplace may be ending, the milder weather and longer days mean you can take your dating to the outdoors. We’ve got five unique spring dates to help you embrace the new season.

First date questions you have to ask

by eHarmony

Good questions are to a successful first date what sunshine is to the beach: crucial! Ask the right ones and you’ll not only have an engaging conversation, but also a pretty good insight into the life of the person sitting opposite.

5 signs they’re not over their ex

by eHarmony

Your new date’s romantic history isn’t something to be afraid of. Or is it? The niggling feeling that their previous partner is casting too long a shadow over their life is difficult to ignore. Rashly confronting them with your suspicions typically leads to outraged denial, which will do little to alleviate your worries. Instead, keep an eye out for the following tell-tale signs and where necessary, talk through any concerns before the situation becomes terminal.

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