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The # 1 Dating Mistake Alpha Females Make

by admin

In her latest post, eHarmony’s Dating and Relationship Expert, Melanie Schilling, offers up advice to Alpha women on how to attract a compatible Beta mate.

Debunking 6 common myths about online dating

by eHarmony

Meeting a significant other online is commonplace nowadays, as more Australians are turning to the internet in search of love. Despite the increased popularity of online dating, there are still myths associated with it. Here are six myths that need to be put to rest once and for all.

Online dating: free from social stigma

by eHarmony

Online dating has come a long way since it was first introduced in Australia over a decade ago. While once considered taboo, the growth of mobile technology and move from dating being a solitary activity to a social one has radically changed people’s perception of internet dating.

10 tips for dating success

by eHarmony

If you're trying to up the ante in the love stakes, don't think you have to go to drastic measures to meet someone. Here are 10 free and simple ways to increase your chances of finding love.

Five tips for nailing the first impression

by admin

Today’s guest blog is by Melbourne-based writer and author Nicole Haddow, who used her own romantic escapades as inspiration for her first romance novel, Tweethearts. Here she shares her tips for nailing that all important first impression.

What is your personal dating brand?

by admin

What do Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, Michelle Bridges and Kyle Sandilands have in common? Apart from being high profile individuals, they all have clearly defined personal brands. Love them or loathe them, you probably have an opinion about each of these people. They know who they are and they are forthright in communicating their messages to the world.

Does dating get easier in your senior years?

by eHarmony

Think about it: dating in your 20s, 30s and 40s happens when everything else around you is rushing by. You’re juggling a career, friends, travel, kids and financial issues. As you age, the pressures and ‘now now now’ attitude shift; life becomes more mellow and you’re more comfortable in your own skin. It’s a perfect recipe for dating! Here are four reasons why dating in your autumn years is amazing.

The best way to meet your Filipino match

by eHarmony

If you’re looking for someone with a similar cultural background to you, eHarmony is the perfect place to start. Instead of relying on bars, work or your social network, take matters into your own hands and meet Filipino singles online today.

Where can I find a Filipino Partner?

by eHarmony

Before 1970 there were few Filipinos living in Australia, but today Filipinos are among the country’s top ten immigrant communities with Philippines-born Australian resident figures increasing, as older family members join their dependants and vice versa.

Are you more compatible with people of other cultures?

by eHarmony

Dating outside your culture can bring up some important questions around compatibility and whether you will be accepted by your partner’s family. While it can be difficult to broach this topic with a new partner, working through any concerns from the start will ensure the relationship is built on a sturdy foundation.

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