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30 March 2012

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by eHarmony

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10 February 2013 01:43

hello every one ,just a question why does very one put on their profile that that are looking for some one who is ‘honest’ when i have been on a date recently they were less then fourth coming with the truth?…I’ve come a cross men that have been like they what’s the point of being on this site if your going to be deceiving?

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Petals May

26 April 2013 13:35

Huh!! Not sure I quite understand what Mia is trying to say. I think you have to date someone for a fair while to discover what he or she is really like and quite honestly HOW can you tell if someone is deceptive and not telling the truth !!!! I thought I had met the most wonderful man, however, my husband to be had an affair with my best friend and chief bridesmaid 24 hours before my wedding day .. love rules so I still married him. I forgave him a second infidelity but not a third !!!! Does one ever really know someone ????

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19 May 2013 11:04

Mia, from a mans perspective, yes we want people who are honest, but, how much honesty should one expect on a first date, especially as you don’t know the date that well.., Should be the question..? Trust can only be gained from believing you know the person. Therefor, once a relationship is to become serious, then honesty should be expected, as by then you have grown to trust one another…?

Petals May, what a wonderful forgiving person you must have been, or a silly women in blind love, especially for a second….! time….History says, people do not change their spots, no matter how much we believe we love them….!

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22 July 2013 09:14

I think Petals May is correct!

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21 August 2013 00:32

i to do think that when they fill in the questions that they are not true and why do we have to ask for a photo what are they hiding ? will they be found out i have only got to e mail then e harmony shut them down i am lost for why.

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