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Free Communication Weekend FAQ

by eHarmony

At eHarmony, we’re all about communication. We think it’s important that you get to know your matches and find out if you have the right chemistry before meeting them in person. Talking to your matches is also a great way to ask the important questions, ensuring a memorable first date – as though you’d known each other forever.

Online conversation slipups

Online conversation slip ups

by Fran Creffield

To form a connection with a match you need to build a good rapport. Getting the conversation started is one of the hardest parts of online dating, so here are some classic mistakes to avoid.

Online dating safety tips


by Fran Creffield

One of the main concerns for people new to the world of online dating is their personal safety. Follow our guidelines and use these useful tips to help keep you safe online.

Your cover photo – How to make the best first impression

Posting your best cover photo 1 (2)

by Annemarie Gallard

Find out how to make a lasting first impression with your brand-new, personalised cover photo.

Communicate with integrity


by Fran Creffield

Communicating with people online can sometimes feel a bit unreal. It’s easy to forget that you are talking to real people and the things you say can affect them just as they would in any other social situation.

4 profile clues that someone is ready for a relationship


by Fran Creffield

When someone posts an online profile you might think that it means they’re ready for a relationship. This isn't always the case.

Mistakes to avoid when compiling your profile


by Fran Creffield

Your profile is the first impression a match gets of you so it’s important that you get it just right, but there are common mistakes people make.

Profile feedback: Edition #6


by eHarmony

This month we're showcasing Debbie's profile - she'd love to know what you think about it, what could be added, or even what's best left out. Let her know in the comments!

Building an online rapport with a match


by Fran Creffield

Do you review your matches and like the look of them but never do anything about it because you would have no idea what to say? Or maybe you feel lost and floundering after the initial icebreakers?

Gallery: 10 profile photos you should never post


by eHarmony

You might have a perfect profile but there are some photos that could completely scupper your chances with your matches. Check out our list of the 10 worst photos you can post to your profile.

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