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Angela and Ray

Location: Perth, Australia
Married: 30th April 2005


Angela and I both joined eharmony in 2003. We both had matches that we went through the question stages with and for various reasons decided not to pursue any further. Then, in Dec 2003 we were matched by eHarmony, the first problem that arose was distance. I lived in Queensland and Angela lived in Western Australia. We both looked at the profiles of each other and decided that there was something that drew our attention to each other. This was not a physical attraction at this stage as photos had not been included. We went through the questions, likes and dislikes, must haves etcetera and still the attraction remained which resulted in both of us forwarding photos and other information.

In March 2004 I flew to Perth to meet Angela. We both knew that whilst eHarmony had matched us in so many areas they could not guarantee that chemistry would mix. When we met at the airport a brief welcoming cuddle was our introduction. We both felt comfortable in each other’s company but held a degree of fear that the other may not feel attracted. How wrong we both were. Within the first week of being in each other’s company we both believed that something special was evolving. It was then time for me to return to Queensland. From then on the phone calls continued. Angela came east in July and in November we both visited New Zealand where we made a commitment to marriage.

In January 2005 Angela moved to Queensland and we were married in April 2005. We both believe that God had a hand in our marriage and that the system that eHarmony had implemented was perfect.

Five years down the track and we are still happily married and have recommended eHarmony too many others and will continue to do so.

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