Couples' personal stories

Real-life success story

Cate and Mark

Location: Wallsend NSW, Australia
Married: September 2010

On their first date, Cate and mark met for coffee, and immediately they felt like they had had known each other for a long time. Coffee turned into dinner, which turned into watching DVDs at Cate’s house until the small hours of the morning.

Cate says “we fit each other like a glove. We spent that entire first week together, going out every day or just staying in. I am proud to say that thanks to eHarmony, we have found each other!”

Before long Mark had moved in with Cate so they could save money to buy a house together. One night they were watching TV when Cate sat up, faced Mark and asked him to marry her! He said yes with a huge grin on his face and told Cate he was planning on asking her the same question on her upcoming birthday, but she beat him to it!

Cate and Mark are now married and living in New South Wales.

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