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Debra and Jos

Location: Turner ACT


We met on line sometime in July of 09. He lived on the Sunshine Coast and me in Canberra. He drove down to see me in October and I joined him on the Sunshine coast for Xmas and January. We knew then we were to be a lifelong commitment. Jos kept telling me hewas the ideal man for me and he was right! We were very well matched thank you eHarmony. It has all happened very quickly but when you find true love, and you are older, things do happen much more quickly.

I packed up my belongings, and my two dogs, (Jos knew we were a package!) Sold my beautiful little house in the city took a year’s leave from my job as a school principal and moved up to the Sunshine Coast in April. We took a round the world trip in June and July, so I could to introduce him to my family in Canada and he could introduce me to his family in Netherlands.

Life could not be more perfect. I feel a bit like I have won the lottery being able to find someone and be so in love at this latter part of my life. So I say thank you eHarmony. I have never been happier in my life. While old people don't necessarily get married (we have both been married twice before) we tell everyone we are living happily ever after in sin! The marriage part may come but it is not important to us at this point. We know we have a lifetime commitment and the wisdom of age to make the rest of our life perfect.

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