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Jen and Matthew

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Married: May 2007

In the beginning...

After many years of painful dating we finally found each other. Matt's response was that he couldn't believe the right person for him was on the other side of the globe, but there you have it! We were matched through eHarmony in November last year and I was initially a bit skeptical and a bit nervous about replying to Matt's request to communicate. However, I think the thing that attracted me the most (despite the fact I think he's cuter than cute!!) was how he described his family. He didn't hide the fact that his family isn't perfect and that he too has a few flaws. I found his honesty and sense of humor about the 'little gripes' in life to be thoroughly refreshing. This, I think, is another element of eHarmony that is unique, the fact that the people on this site are genuine and honest about themselves.

eHarmony allows for a direct approach because it effectively cuts through all the hard work and judgment to get right to the people most suited to you. I bit the bullet the day before my birthday, we started communicating and we haven't looked back. I flew to the United States from Australia last month to meet Matt and we hit it off right away ... although I don't think either of us slept a wink the night before that initial face-to-face meeting!!! I have a sister who works for the highway patrol who was very nervous about me meeting 'strange men from the internet' so Matt picked me up at the highway patrol (which showed a lot of dedication from my perspective!!). She was much less jumpy when I told her about the eHarmony matching process but wanted to check him out just in case. He was so laid-back and friendly and put my big sis at ease right away. (No need for a full search and 'state your intentions sir', phew!!)

We had a fantastic time roaming around Kansas and Missouri so our first date effectively lasted just over a week. My visit was over far too soon and Matt drove me to the airport. It's really tough to meet someone so special and then have to leave them behind. The 'honeymoon' phase of our relationship is incredibly difficult because of the distance, however there is core strength in this relationship that I have never experienced before, we just seem to fit. We are hoping to see each other again in the next 4-5 months, jobs and finances permitting, we talk or email every day and I miss him terribly. He is looking at international options in his job and I'm hoping to sit my exams to allow me to work in the United States should the need arise. We are working on this because we belong together. We just wanted to say a big thank-you to all the team at eHarmony, we truly would never have found each other without you.

The proposal...

Matt, who was a staunch confirmed bachelor and who is now eating his words as fast as his buddies can dish them back up to him, proposed at sunrise on August 21st. We are both looking forward to many adventures together thanks to eHarmony.

I think the most valuable thing I found about meeting Matt through eHarmony is that we really are matched at the core. We don't have a lot of angst or stress when we are together because there isn't conflict with our base values. As our relationship has progressed there haven't been any rude shocks along the way because when we do come to a challenge in our relationship we generally find that we are on the same wavelength. Even though we're still learning about each other, it's a peaceful kind of learning and that's the beauty of eHarmony.

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