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Jeremy and Linda

Location: Mosman, New South Wales, Australia
Married: 28th November 2009


After trying other dating sites and going on several unsuccessful dates, a friend of mine recommended trying a new dating site called eHarmony. I absolutely loved the site! For one, it sends you matches (great when you are time poor) rather than having to search through thousands of men who are probably not even compatible with you. Secondly, the initial form you had to complete to start the communication process ensured that my matches were going to be compatible to me, my likes and dislikes, personality traits etcetera. As the initial form was quite comprehensive, I also felt that this would eliminate or deter any men who were "players" and just wanted to date women not have a relationship and it’s true.

I know eHarmony is a fantastic website as after only three dates, I found my husband! All the dates that I went on through eHarmony were all great, and even if I didn't have the "connection" I was looking for, we all had similar interests, views and they were all serious about meeting a partner not a lover. They were not desperate men, they just were like me. My now husband, Jeremy was my third date and we had a fantastic time together. It was clear that we had an initial connection and planned a second date the next day. We started seeing each other on a regular basis and it was clear he was my perfect match.

We had been dating for about 16 months when he popped the question and we got married just last November, on 28th November 2009. It was an amazing day, just a low key wedding with our closet family and friends and it was perfect!

Since meeting the 'man of my dreams' I have recommended eHarmony to several of my friends and also a few clients from work and they all found it great. I even know of two more success stories, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

There is a real science behind eHarmony and the matching process. You've got to think they are onto something. My recommendation, stay with a relationship website that created the concept first! Let me tell you, it works and I thank eHarmony for making my dreams come true... I know that sounds corny but it's true.

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