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Jesse and Lindsey

Location: Loganholme, Australia
Married: 13th May 2010


Myself and Lindsey first joined eHarmony at different time frames skeptical about the service, but now that we are matched we are so very glad for eHarmony's service!

We were matched up in May 2008 through eHarmony and we communicated for a couple months, but then closed communication until December of 2008 that year. That December I traveled to Florida USA to spend Christmas with some family and Lindsey found me on Facebook and found that my location was in the USA. We talked on the phone and nearly saw each other, though the timing wasn't right. Again we had lost communication mid-2009 until October 2009 when we got back in contact and talked via Skype webcam for average 15 to 20 hours per week. Not counting the many emails. We decided it was time to finally meet. I flew from Brisbane, Australia to Denver, Colorado in March 2010. We spent a lot of time doing fun activities like talking to each other, hiking, eating at restaurants and really enjoying each other's company.

We got engaged in April this year, and got married mid-May. We have been married for nearly one month, which has been so wonderful and a blessing for us both. We both used eHarmony, and loved the service and quality. We both are and would defiantly recommend eHarmony to anyone seeking true love.

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