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Jillian and Lloyd

Location: Inverell, Australia
Married: 1st February 2009


February 2010 is the two year anniversary of when we started communicating online because we were matched by eHarmony. I was still living in Europe at the time where I had lived and worked for 14 years, however, I was finishing up my final contract there and heading back to Australia in July 2008. I sensed at the time that a change was imminent in my life. I had never married and had enjoyed pursuing my career. Other single friends had found partners on eHarmony and suggested I also try. This seemed like a good idea as I felt the time of being alone was over and I would like to find a life partner. Lloyd and I were matched and enjoyed emailing and telephoning each other while I was still in Europe and we found out a lot about each other in that time. We appreciated how eHarmony only sent us compatible matches (we both had other people we corresponded with a bit) instead of being a free-for-all kind of dating site. We were able to talk about values, beliefs, and priorities that were important to us before meeting personally and we both felt like we knew each other fairly well by the time we actually met face-to-face. I arrived back in Australia in July 2008 which is the first time we met.

Our relationship developed following my arrival in Australia even though I was living in Brisbane and Lloyd was in Inverell at the time. We fell in love and I have moved home to join him in Inverell and we now work in the business together.

We are both very happy and grateful to have found one another. I was 49 when we married and Lloyd 53 (his 2nd marriage), so it is a special surprise to find companionship at this stage of our lives. I have attached a few photos of our wedding, including one in which you can see my father, a retired Minister of Religion, marrying us. This was also special.

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