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Kara and Geoffrey

Location: Helensburgh NSW, Australia

In Kara’s words

I joined eHarmony after coming out of a previous relationship and a failed attempt at online dating on another site. I saw your ad on TV and thought I might try that as I wanted to be matched up on compatibility, not just leafing through thousands of photos like other sites. Geoff was one of the first matches who contacted me and we went through Guided Communication and began sending long emails to each other. I was hesitant to actually meet him, but I finally called. We began phoning and texting constantly from that first conversation, with some calls lasting up to three hours! Trying to organise a time to meet up was difficult with my young child and his shift work hours.

We met two days after that first conversation – he travelled two hours to where I lived to meet up and we had a lovely afternoon, even though he did have to spend some of it with a crazy one year old! We got on so well and knew there was a connection, which continued to grow as we were talking each day on the phone. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other, and fell in love quickly.

On our fourth date we were relaxing on the couch chatting about life, love and all that sort of stuff when Geoff went quiet, had a little smile and said to me, “you know, I’m going to marry you one day.” I was absolutely shocked - but secretly very happy as I felt very strongly about him too.

By July we had moved in together with my little girl and decided to secretly elope in October! Our family and friends were surprised but so happy for us that we had found each other. Best of all, we found out a couple of days before our wedding that I was pregnant! Our baby is due in June 2011 and we are so excited. We have never been happier, with each day being better than the previous. We both highly recommend eHarmony to friends and others looking for love and to meet their perfect companion in life. My family can’t believe what a catch I have in Geoff, with his family thinking the same. The compatibility is remarkable and we are incredibly happy we found each other. There is no way that we would have EVER met each other any other way!

In Geoffrey’s words

I was one of the "not for me" when it came to internet dating. A friend of mine told me that one of his friends had been on a site called eHarmony and had met his wife there. He said with my busy shift work hours and my own business to run, and the amount of time that I had to look for a partner, that eHarmony would be perfect for me. It would do the hard work for me! I decided to go with it and was matched to Kara within the first couple of weeks. We did the guided communication and went to talking to each other on the phone - it was so comfortable. It seems crazy to try and find them yourself when you might never find the one that is right for you. With the demands of society today, who has time to spend years (it seems) looking?

I would like to thank E-Harmony for helping me find the woman who is perfect for me in every way. This site comes highly recommended by me!

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