Couples' personal stories

Real-life success story

Katarina and Stephen

Location: Waverley NSW, Australia
Married: October 2010

We both decided to give internet dating a try after a year since being out of long term relationships. Even though we did not have very high expectations we both thought it would be a good way to break out of the normal restrictions of meeting normal people in the Sydney dating scene. After meeting a few other people who were nice, but not quite what we were each looking for, Kat responded to Steve’s profile request to help him go shopping, since his colour blindness means he is sometimes challenged when it comes to fashion! The deal was made for fashion advice in exchange for a coffee, and before they knew it they were on their first date.

The meeting point was the bus stop in front of Tamarama beach. It was an amazingly warm and sunny winter day and they started with a walk along the Sydney beaches taking in the sun and sea. Once they starting talking over lunch the time slipped away. Luckily for both of them, they lived up to our profiles on eHarmony. They shared the same passions in life – outdoor sports, world travel, exotic cuisine, languages, humor and luckily were the same height! They didn’t go shopping that day, but that was not important. They were hooked on each other and looking forward to their next date.

After the first date many others followed and it wasn’t long before they knew they were meant for each other. Introductions on Skype to friends and families back in the US and Europe was followed by visits to confirm the relationship was for real. Steve’s mum and dad were already offering for Kat to move in before Steve was able to make the offer!

Upon the arrival of Kat’s parents from Europe - Steve proposed on Valentine’s Day! That is, after a translated request to have his daughter’s hand in marriage from Kat’s dad, who is Slovakian. Steve presented Kat with a ring under the full moon on the most beautiful beach in Australia, Seal Rocks. The wedding bells were ringing six short months later when the couple wed in Kat’s home city, Bratislava Slovakia.

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