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Lucinda and Phillip

Location: Palm beach, Australia
Married 10th December 2009


In 2007, I was working in Shanghai, China. As there are not many Christian, English-speaking men there, a friend suggested I try eHarmony. After a month or so, I was introduced to Philip from the USA and we instantly hit it off. He was intrigued by the fact that I was an Aussie living in China, and I was attracted to his creativity and sense of humour. After moving beyond eHarmony, we Skyped and chatted online daily (hardly missed a day!). We traveled between the States and China as often as possible. Towards the end of this period, Phil moved to China and gained employment in order to spend more quality time together. It was during this period that we made the decision to move to Australia and get married. Both of our families were thrilled for us. Phil's family traveled from the States to attend the wedding on the Gold Coast, Australia. We are now enjoying life together in Australia. We are very grateful for the way eHarmony brought us together. Thank you!

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