Couples' personal stories

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Mihaela and Daryl

Location: Dandenong, Australia
Engaged: 25th December


I registered with eHarmony in September and after one week I got an Ice Breaker, from this guy Daryl. After I checked his profile we started to chat through eHarmony site for about a month. We started dating and began a relationship, and both decided to close our accounts with eHarmony because we were pretty happy with each other. We dated for three months and then on Christmas day he proposed to me, we are getting married next year in January but we are going to have an engagement party on the 13th of February on my birthday. I am totally happy that I met him, he is my other half that I found through your site and I thank you for being there for me that day when I was watching TV, at the time I was very down and upset, and your advert came up, after which I went straight in the computer room and looked it up.

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