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Pauline and Damien

Location: Victoria, Australia
Engaged: 31st December 2009


I wasn't going to do internet dating ever again... but something made me buy a one month subscription to eHarmony. The rest, as they say, is history.

We physically met on Feb 06, 2009 after having been connected through eHarmony sometime in January. Despite protestations from loving, caring friends we decided to trust our instincts and threw conventionality and caution aside for our first date and met on our local beach to take a walk. We both arrived totally breathless with anticipation. Having talked for many hours and "feeling" like there was definitely a connection, we couldn't but hope that this would be "real" and be sustainable now that we were to meet face to face. It was.

This was the beginning of the most amazing journey. Discovering we lived only six minutes away from each other, we saw each other almost daily. Finding so many things to know about each other, and with compatibility beyond that of any of our hopes and dreams. There was an amazing, deep sense of knowing that this was the person we had been waiting our whole lives to meet and decided to hold hands and take a leap of faith and fly together.

The morning of our anniversary, my beautiful Damien suggested we go for a walk on the beach to take some photos of rock formations for some art work we were creating. We were wandering along doing exactly that, when I looked down at a rock pool to see a wax sealed, clear glass bottle with a message inside. Completely naïve, I was so excited thinking I might have a pen-pal from somewhere exotic and so on Damien's encouragement, shakily, I opened it. Still with absolutely no idea, I inscrolled the message to find it addressed to me and was totally overwhelmed to find his proposal. At 41 years of age and despite having been married once before, this was my only proposal of marriage and I'm sorry girls, but I win! Nothing could have been more perfect or more meaningful to me and that message in a bottle is now one of my most treasured possessions.

We were married four and a half months later on New Year's Eve, 2009 in blistering heat at Williamstown right next to the beach. Our five beautiful daughters, who have taken a leap of faith even bigger than ours and trusted us in our journey together, were our attendants and we were married in a circle of our dearest friends and family by the most beautiful celebrant we could ever have wished for.

We both have a deep, quiet and still sense that we have come home and our happiness is obvious. It has been a phenomenal year. In my heart, I believe ours is a modern fairytale and while our story may not be an uncommon one in today's world of technology, it is one of our lives greatest surprises and richest blessings. We are so thankful that we both trusted our instincts and decided to investigate the possibility of meeting someone through the truly unique and, we believe, far more realistic methods that eHarmony offers. Thank you eHarmony, you have given us the opportunity to make a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness.

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