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Rob and Karen

Location: New South Wales, Australia
Married: June 2007


I had tried online dating once before but hadn’t had any luck with it. A friend of mine suggested trying out eHarmony - he had used it and had been almost instantaneously successful finding the perfect match so I thought, why not?

I joined eHarmony in February 2006 and found the whole process very exciting as I moved through the different stages and found the initial questionnaire reassuring as only those who were determined to use the site to find a serious relationship would complete all the questions. Karen was my first match and the rest, as they say, is history. I knew very early on in the relationship that Karen was the perfect one for me and I wouldn’t have changed anything at all.

eHarmony guides you through the different levels of communication and we progressed through these until we finally met in May. I lived in Macquarie Fields whereas Karen lived in Berkeley Vale which made meeting up slightly tricky, yet when you know you’ve met the perfect person for you distance doesn’t matter at all. A year later, in June 2007, we got married and have since then been constantly amazed by how close the profile was in matching us and have found that our personalities complement each other perfectly.

Our lives since then have been a whirlwind!


I first started thinking about signing up with eHarmony after listening to an interview on the radio while sitting in the car at the traffic lights. I had been separated from my partner for eight months at this time and I was definitely not ready to launch myself into a new relationship at that stage, yet the idea of meeting someone over the internet struck a chord with me at that time. It wasn’t until 18 months later that I was prepared to start looking for that special someone and recalling that interview I made a beeline for the computer and signed up to eHarmony.

Having never used an online dating site before I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I had two children to think about and factor into any decisions I made, so I approached it in a rather guarded manner. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience however and found it both non-threatening and exciting to find out something new about the person I was communicating with. It was extraordinary to receive my profile at the end and to find that it really was me it was describing!

After joining eHarmony in February 2006, I met Rob three months after a couple of dates with other men who, although they were lovely, didn’t produce the spark I was looking for. We progressed through the different stages of communication as suggested by the website and we finally met in May. The spark was there and a year later we were married! Since then we’ve been constantly amazed by how close the profile was in matching us and have found that our personalities complement each other perfectly.

For anyone who hasn’t used an online dating site before and is feeling slightly dubious, I would recommend eHarmony in an instant – the level of security was wonderful and so reassuring and I felt safe throughout the whole process. You can stop communication at any stage if you were concerned and the different stages you have to go through help you to get to know the other person before you finally meet. And I suppose it helps you get to know yourself too!

We’ve now been married for three wonderful years and I have no doubt that this would not have happened without eHarmony. I cannot recommend this site enough and hope everyone else has as much success in finding their Mr Right as I have!

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