Why eHarmony dating works

Scientific Matching

How do you find a match who is right for you? Some people aren’t ready for a relationship. Some you don’t find attractive. Many will be fun and enjoyable to spend time with, but down the road they may turn out to lack compatibility with you in an important dimension.

eHarmony can help – we prescreen your matches and only send you those whose profile shows that they have the potential to be right for you.

Scientific Research

eHarmony interviewed over 5000 married couples to understand their relationships and to find the keys to a relationship which will succeed. The findings showed that having a spark with someone isn’t enough – even if there is chemistry, 3 out of 4 couples end up unhappy or divorced.*

What makes a great relationship?

eHarmony's research identified Key Dimensions which form the basis of a happy relationship. These include:

  • Core traits such as intellect, character
  • Values and beliefs such as ambition, traditionalism
  • Relationship skills, such as communication style

Putting the knowledge to work

eHarmony matches you based on Key Dimensions of compatibility, giving you results that you won't get anywhere else. eHarmony isn't about casual dating – we want to help you find your soulmate.