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Why eharmony?

When eharmony set out on its journey to help people choose a partner, we studied thousands of married couples to find out what made them successful and happy. A single person without that experience doesn’t choose based on these factors, they choose on what they know now. Conversely eharmony has pinpointed how any two people will work together across years of being together, not just how it feels today. We have taken the guesswork out of finding someone that will fulfill you today, and well into the future.

With sixteen years of global data and nearly 200,000 relationships alone in Australia, we know our methodology works. And we care about it working that’s why we know how many engagements, relationships, kids, dogs and human connections we have created since we started.

We are not interested in just making your life fun today, we want to change your life and bring you the power and joy of partnership in a busy isolated world. But before that can happen you will need to start meeting some of these deeply compatible matches, chatting with them and getting to know them.

How we do it – your personality profiled

By joining eharmony, you’ll also be benefiting from the free Personality Profile – a comprehensive report based on your Relationship Questionnaire. It’s yours whether you go forward with your eharmony experience or not. Providing compelling insights into your character, it could inform your personal choices in the future.

Backed by over 35 years of experience and scientific research into what makes happy, successful relationships, it’s a method of matching you to a potential partner with the highest chances of success. That means more time to get to know possible dates and less time spent trawling to find someone you like.

Not only are matches based on their personal attributes, but you can also select practical preferences such as location, how far you’re willing to travel, whether you’re comfortable with a smoker or not and whether a similar world view is important, because these are all essential facts about you that will assist us in finding your perfect partner.

So take the free personality test to discover how your values and tastes match a potential partner’s and learn about your key traits, which are the things that matter when it comes to compatibility. You’ll be intrigued by what you discover about yourself.

Let others know you’re interested – free

After you’ve got your Personality Profile, you can start sending people Smiles and Icebreakers, so before you’ve even subscribed you can give potential dates the hint you’ve got an interest in chatting and maybe meeting them. When a profile that really sparks your curiosity comes your way, select a package to suit your budget – and start dating!

It's a simple and effective matching service that will put you in touch with the people you’re most likely to feel a real connection with.

Free dating apps – you're worth more

We know the dating game can be a chore. Our aim is to eliminate the uncertainty that can go along with finding people in bars or nightclubs, blind dates or on free dating apps, by finding you genuinely like-minded people.

While there are abundant free online dating apps in Australia, they’re also designed so any member can contact any other person.This means you’re likely to get swamped in communication – but that it’s a task to find someone you feel attuned to. There’s no point in fielding messages from someone in the right age bracket but that has polar opposite values to you, or in starting to chat with someone simply because you’re both fans of rock music – you can only get so far before realising it’s unlikely you’ve met the love of your life.

And that’s why smart Australian singles are signing up to eharmony. They realise that with online dating, as with anything, you get what you pay for, and with us, you’re paying for a unique and premium service – one that isn’t offered elsewhere.

If you want the best matches for you, it’s simple: join eharmony free, today.

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