Ready for a relationship

5 signs she wants a relationship

by Fran Creffield - November 30, 2012

A woman may be registered on eHarmony, answering contact from matches and even turning up to dates, but how do you know if she is really ready for a relationship?

So you’ve met someone special and you’re ready to commit, but is she? Here are the 5 signs that you need to look out for to find out whether she wants a relationship with you

Wanting a relationship and being ready for one are two quite different things. In fact, many people who think they want a relationship find that, when it comes to making a commitment, they aren’t ready to take that step after all. So, how can you tell if she’s really into you? Here are a few signs to look out for:

1. She takes good care of herself

It may sound cliche but you really do need to love yourself before you can love someone else so it’s a good sign that someone is ready for a relationship if she takes good care of herself. We don’t just mean taking pride in her appearance, it’s also about how she treats herself. Someone who constantly puts themselves down, has difficulty accepting compliments and is suffering from low self-esteem is unlikely to be ready to let love in, even if it’s what she really wants.

2. She wants a relationship rather than needs one

Some people feel lost when they’re not in a relationship. Serial monogamists hop from one relationship to another, barely coming up for air in-between. They want someone to play the ‘role’ of a partner because they feel that they need another person to ‘complete’ them. When they’re single, they feel like second-class citizens.

No-one is ready for a relationship until they’re happy being single – when a woman is not afraid to be on her own and is able to ask for help when she needs it. This doesn’t mean that she isn’t open to love or doesn’t want a relationship, rather that she wants to meet someone because her life is so good that she wants to share it. There’s no need for game playing when someone really wants a relationship because they don’t need to be in one at all costs.

3. She is comfortable in her own skin

A woman who’s comfortable in her own skin is able to approach dating with a positive mindset. She’ll see the dating experience as an opportunity to have fun and meet new people knowing that those dates might not necessarily lead to a relationship. Someone who is secure in themselves will be confident enough to say what they want and what they’re looking for in a relationship so you won’t be wondering whether she likes you or not – she’ll tell you!

4. She is over her past relationships

A woman can only be ready for a new relationship when she’s let go of any hurt from her past relationships. If someone is dating you on the rebound or as a distraction then you’ll be able to tell. She’ll be distracted, non-committal when it comes to making plans in advance and reluctant to take steps such as defining the relationship or introducing you to her friends and family. Only when she’s fully moved on from her ex and is able to see the break-up rationally will she be ready for a new relationship with you.

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5. She is willing to take a risk

Understandably, some people have been hurt so badly by past relationships that they put strong defences in place. Even though they want to find someone and fall in love again, they’re scared to take that risk. However, a woman who’s really ready for a relationship will have learned from her past relationships and moved on. She’ll be happy to see where a new relationship goes and take the risk to find out what could develop between you.

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