10 reasons to date a guy with a mo


It’s that time of year again when men from around the globe grow their ‘staches in support of Movember. Some may think the mo is an untidy look, but we believe that behind every mo is a man worth getting to know. Here are 10 reasons why you should date one.

  1. He’s a philanthropist

    If a guy is growing his ‘Stache for Movember, you need to admire his altruism. It’s one thing to make a one-off donation to a charity, but something else entirely to sacrifice your face for a whole month in the name of men’s health.

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  1. He’s conscious about worldly issues

    Supporting Movember also shows he is kind-hearted and aware of issues above and beyond his own self. He’s likely to be involved in other causes and foster an interest in global issues.

  1. He has persistence and dedication

    Not many people realise the care and commitment it takes to maintain a quality mo. There’s frequent trimming and moments of itchiness to push through, which instantly earns him disciplinary and perseverance points.

  1. Facial hair is sexy

    You can’t deny that the mysterious, scruffy, and hardened looked is attractive.

  1. He’s light-hearted

    Growing a mo for charity means this guy isn’t afraid to be teased or laughed at, meaning he has a sense of humour and doesn’t take himself (or life) too seriously. With more than half of Aussies valuing sense of humour over physical appearance in a potential partner, you can’t go past a man that makes you laugh!

  1. A man who cares for his mo, cares in general

    To the point of #3, if a man has a well looked after mo, his self-care efforts are likely to span across all aspects of his life. Beyond manscaping, he probably also looks after himself physically and mentally.

  1. He’s confident

    Moustaches are unique and set a man apart from the crowd. While most other men look buttoned-up and boring, this guy isn’t afraid to be different. A guy who’s able to rock the ‘stache isn’t afraid to own it, which is super sexy.

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  1. Moustaches line the face

    Ever noticed that men with a well groomed mo look sharp and chiselled? Moustaches are Mother Nature’s way of embracing a man’s face and framing his manly features.

  1. Facial hair bestows prestige

    Throughout history facial hair has been a universal sign of wisdom and prestige. Wizards, kings, rulers and philosophers all sported some sort of manly mane. Even the ancient Egyptians wore fake metallic beards to mark special occasions.

  1. Mo’s are a visual reminder of his manliness

    As we all know, testosterone fuels the growth of men’s facial hair which starts sprouting around puberty. It’s the true sign of being a man. A baby-faced guy says immaturity and youthful foolishness. Facial hair says you can hunt, protect the lands and look after a woman.

Inspired to join the Movember community? Movember is saving and improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Find out more at Movember.com.

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