6 unique tips for writing the perfect profile


Self-promotion is one of the most difficult forms of writing there is, and dating profiles are no exception. But there are a few tips and tricks you may not have come across before that can help:

  1. Decide the story you want to tell

Believe it or not, your profile actually tells a story to your matches. It shouldn’t be a novel, but a story that captures the key aspects of your life and personality. Ask yourself what story you want to tell, and whether you are grabbing the attention of the right people. Is it highlighting your best qualities? Are you expressing your values and the kind of person you’d like to meet?

  1. Notice what you like in other profiles

It’s true that like attracts like, so it’s worth noticing what catches your eye in other profiles and learning from them. Was it the way they introduced themselves, the sincerity of their ‘what I’m most passionate about’ section, or a particular hobby or interest they highlighted that resonated with you? Of course, you should never copy someone’s profile, but the best place to learn is from others who are going through the same experience as you.

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  1. Show, don’t tell

An important tip in creative writing is to show, not tell. This means that instead of saying “I have an amazing life,” explain what actually makes your life amazing. E.g. “I have a lot to be thankful for in my life – a job I am passionate about, supportive family and friends, and a home right next to the beach with my border collie, Phoenix.” It’s much more powerful to paint the reader a picture to show them how they should feel about something, rather than tell them.

  1. Say more with less

Another great writing tip is to say more with less. My creative writing teacher would always say, if you can cut words out – do! The worst thing you can do is waffle on to fill up space, as this will be obvious and deter people from actually reading your profile. The less words that you can get your point across in the better, because our digital attention spans are forever decreasing.

  1. Get your best friend to review it

With any piece of writing, it often helps to have a second pair of eyes and who better than to review your profile than a close friend or family member. They know you best so can not only proof-read, but also sense check that it is a true reflection of you and that you are showcasing all your strong points.

  1. Say who you want to meet

One thing we tend to forget is to actually write who we want to meet. And I don’t mean your check-list of height and hair colour preferences – I mean actually highlighting your values and deal-breakers and the kind of person who would be most suited to you. For example, if health was one of your core values you might write something like, “Health and wellbeing are really important to me, so my ideal partner would share these values and take care of themselves mentally and physically.”

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