8 Things we love about the eharmony app


While many of our users still love the website version, the eharmony team is constantly updating the app with new features, matching the seamless experience that other dating apps offer while still providing eharmony’s unique advantage of compatibility matching. Available on iOS and Android, here are 8 things we love about the eharmony app:

  1. Convenience

From setting up an account, completing your in-depth Relationship Questionnaire, uploading photos or communicating with your matches, you can do just about everything on the app that you can on the website. We also keep you logged in so that it’s easy to access eharmony at any time, with an additional passcode feature available to iOS users who are concerned about privacy. Meeting compatible singles on the go has never been easier.

  1. Compatibility labels

Staying true to the heart of eharmony’s compatibility offering, the app’s focus is to provide you with clarity around who you’re most likely to hit it off with and why. When you’re scrolling through your curated matches, you’ll notice green ‘COMPATIBLE’ labels on the top left corner of those matches who you’re most compatible with. You can then ‘star’ your favourites that you can check back later when you have time. 

Meet Compatible Matches
  1. Areas of compatibility

Further to the above, you can dig deeper by going into a match’s profile and viewing your areas of compatibility together based on each of your responses to the Relationship Questionnaire. This allows you to see why certain matches are compatible and what attributes it’s based on. For example, you might see how you match up in key areas like relationship values, altruism, or how important physical intimacy is to you both.

  1. Communicate your way

With three types of communication available on the app, you can choose your preferred method of reaching out to a match you’re interested in. You can send an ‘Icebreaker’, which involves ‘Sending a Smile’ as a quick way of saying ‘I may be interested’. There are also ‘Close-ended Questions’ which are a set of pre-written questions you can send to a match, where they can then respond with one of the multiple choice answers or a free form answer. Then of course there is ‘Chat’ which is an open chatting experience available only to subscribers, or everyone when eharmony runs a Free Communication Week.

  1. Upload photos from your phone or Facebook

Picking your best photos for your profile is often the hardest part of online dating, but this is made really easy on the eharmony app – all you have to do is upload your favourite snaps from your phone or even from your Facebook profile.

Meet Compatible Matches
  1. Activity updates

Another great feature of the app available to subscribers is the Activity Feed that shows you updates of when your matches upload new photos* or make any changes to their profile. You can stay connected with your matches on the go, while also seeing how active they are on the app. Eharmony had also recently introduced a multiple photo upload feature making it easy to upload many photos at a time. And with more photos, you receive more communication according to eharmony research.

  1. ‘What If?’ feature*

If you’re feeling curious and want to see additional matches who sit just outside your match preference settings, you can do this with the app’s ‘What if’ feature to meet even more compatible singles. By sending a Smile to any of these members, you can turn them into matches and they’ll be moved to your Matches section. If you want to start a conversation with them, simply head to the Messages section.

  1. Favourites feature

Another new feature on the app is the ‘Favourites feature’ which helps you to sort and locate your favourite matches more easily. Similar to other dating apps, this allows you to indicate who you like and who likes you back. In your matches section in the app, you’ll see these organised into three sections: My Favourites, Favourited Me and Mutual Favourites.

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