Your best date ever: 12 hours as a singleton on Valentine’s Day


Did you know almost a third of us haven’t received a Valentine’s Day card in 10 years. 10 years! It wasn’t always this way though. Once upon a time, February 14 was all about anonymously telling your crush how you felt, or better yet, speaking to them face to face! That was until this day of love was hijacked by couples, with their dinners for two, expensive presents and soppy movies that leave singles out.

This year, take back your Valentine’s Day with the ultimate day, spent with yourself and your best friends. Oh, and don’t forget to remember the true meaning of Valentine’s Day – sharing your feelings with your secret crush!

8am: Get out and about

Nothing clears your mind and sets you up or the a perfect day than getting outside, so jump out of bed early and set out for a long walk, visit your favourite spot or go for a surf!

10am: Brunch and coffee…with a good book

There’s not a person on earth who doesn’t love brunch, so what better time to go than on the day where it’s all about YOU? The key here is to put your phone down and really be present: savour your coffee, people watch or get into a really good book (that’s not a romance novel!) Seeing as we’re treating ourselves, it goes without saying you should order absolutely anything you want from the menu.

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12pm: Treat yo’self!

Think about what you love to do most, but don’t always have the time or money to do so. Is it a three-hour shopping spree? A round of golf with your mates? A mani-pedi-massage session at the day spa? A long drive down the coast in your pride and joy? Block out the time and make it happen – it will serve as a reminder that life really is pretty great being single.

3pm: Do something cultured

When we’re in a relationship, especially in the honeymoon stage, we often fall behind in trying new things – we spend all our time together, or compromising! Being single is the perfect opportunity to do things you normally wouldn’t do. What’s more, you won’t have someone beside you complaining the entire time because they’ve been dragged to the ballet or a football match! Spend the afternoon in a painting class, visit an art exhibition, or see a film… one with subtitles, because we’re being cultured.

4pm: Hit up happy hour or try a new wine bar

You’ve spent the whole day with your best friend (you) so now it’s time to celebrate another sort of relationship… friendships! Organise to meet a friend for some one-on-one time, accompanied by happy hour drinks at your favourite spot, or at a new fancy wine bar you’ve been dying to try.

6pm: Host a dinner party at your place

First rule of Valentine’s Day: keep the TV off – it’s only riddled with the same loved-up movies that are on every year. Instead, invite your group of friends over for an around-the-world dinner party, where everyone brings food and drinks from a different country. Share your horror dating stories for a laugh, or keep it a relationship talk-free zone.

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Either way, by the end of the night, you’ll have realised the best relationship of all is friendships, and after such an incredible day spent on yourself, you might have even worked up the courage to ask your crush on a date. The great thing about Valentine’s Day is that feelings can be shared anonymously, which is all part of the fun, so get involved – tell someone you like them!

by Alyce Cowell 

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