Why Christmas is a splendid time to find love


There’s a good reason the film Love Actually is trotted out every year at Christmas so we can all watch it for the 15th time. It’s not because the film is set in the lead up to Christmas … there are hundreds of perfectly sweet movies that fit that criterion. No, the reason we all lap it up is because it is about love. With its multiple storylines about finding love, unrequited love, having love within grasp and watching it slip away, love in jeopardy, overcoming obstacles to secure love and the joy of love, the movie ticks a lot of emotional boxes.

The backdrop of Christmas also plays its part, because it is the most romantic time of the year, and the smart folk who made Love Actually instinctively knew that. Not convinced?

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Here are 4 reasons why Christmas is the season of love:

  1. It is the end of a long year, and people are winding down. There’s a sense of frivolity in the air. Summer has arrived and everyone is breathing out, relaxing. For many it means holidays. It’s time to have some fun. It’s also a natural time to take stock of our lives. We are open to suggestions.
  2. The underlying theme of the modern Christmas is connecting with people. It’s about families, friends and acknowledging the special people in our lives. For people seeking romance, this is a great time to be looking because unlike any other time of the year the entire population is focused on the importance of quality relationships. No one wants to be alone over Christmas.
  3. For shy people, Christmas is the perfect smokescreen. Reaching out to potential matches on your dating website can be daunting to some people under normal circumstances. But doing so under the guise of spreading some Christmas cheer is an easy, acceptable way to strike up a conversation with someone you are interested in without going out on a limb.
  4. Love Actually is on the TV again. It makes everyone all lovey dovey. It’s an opportunity not to be wasted. Seriously, don’t do what schools, a lot of businesses and prime-time television shows do at this time of the year and clock off. Fill yourself with the joy of Christmas and give yourself the present of a meaningful connection with that special someone.

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