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In our Dating Diaries, real people talk about real dates … what went right, what went wrong, what they learnt from the experience. And the biggest question of all: was there a second date?

Cassandra Jones, 35, is a marketing executive who used to hate dating but now loves the chance to meet new people.

Who did you go on a date with? Matt, 32, a lawyer.

Where did you meet up? A really cool bar in the CBD.

Who arranged the date? Normally when I’m asked out, I end up organising things and then feel pressured to pay, but not this time. He suggested two bars for me to choose from and then he planned everything. It was so refreshing that he took charge.

What did you wear? I came straight after work. I was wearing a pencil skirt with a nice shirt and a jacket.

How did you meet? He came up to me in a bar in the city.

Did you chat much before the date? He texted me that night we met. After that, we only messaged each other a little bit before he suggested we catch up.

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What attracted you to him? He was really good-looking but also seemed genuine and really open and honest.

How did the date kick off? We both were running late and kept in touch via text. We ended up bumping into each other outside the bar and then walked in together, which was nice.

What were your first impressions? I initially thought, ‘He’s really good-looking but oh my god, he’s way shorter than me.’ However, once we started talking, he made me feel so comfortable and the banter was so on point, that I didn’t care about the height difference.

What did you talk about? Anything and everything. The conversation was really easy and we couldn’t stop laughing. I really loved that Matt was interested in what I had to say. Usually on dates, I’m the one who asks all the questions to keep things flowing, but it was so refreshing to have a two-way conversation, which was another reason why I enjoyed the date so much.

Midway through the night, how were things going? I was having a great time. He suggested another nearby bar he was keen to try, so we had a drink there. Later, we grabbed some pizza and we played Uno – it was so much fun!

Was there chemistry? Yes, there was lots on the night.

Any embarrassing moments? No, it was so chilled and so relaxed. The conversation really flowed.

What did you take away from the date? To be honest, I never used to like dating. I would freak out beforehand and think that once you went out with someone, you had to be in a relationship with them. Crazy, I know. But that mindset is thanks to my country upbringing. However, after a recent overseas trip, I decided just to enjoy the experience and to be grateful for the chance to meet new people. I love going on dates now, it’s so much fun. Plus, when you are getting to know someone new, it helps you work out exactly what you are looking for in a partner.

And will you see each other again? I feel like Matt will be a really great friend as he is such an amazing person. As much as I hate saying this, the height difference is an issue for me. Also, we are currently at different life stages in terms of what we want relationship-wise, so I know he’s not the right one for me. But I’m so grateful we met.

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