The evolution of the eharmony logo


Eharmony has come a long way as a company and as a brand. Using new data and research to keep its matching algorithm and technology on the cutting edge, our teams have been committed to evolving the service right from its humble beginnings seventeen years ago as one of the first online dating services to emerge.

While the service kept evolving, so too did the logo and the brand. Here’s a little snapshot of our journey…

2000: eharmony was born in the US with a simple logo design emphasising the ‘e’ to reflect its core purpose – to create meaningful connections online.

“eharmony2011: Aussies on the online dating scene in 2011 will remember this iconic logo when eharmony first launched in the country.

2014: In 2014 eharmony showed its true colours and created an official uniform logo hue, named ‘eharmony blue.’2015: Eharmony had some fun in Australia in 2015 when it rebranded and injected some humour with the ‘Better matches, better dates’ campaign, from which you may remember these Miss Superficial and Mr Workaholic TV ads. A little red heart was also added above the logo:

2016: eharmony team put their brains together to come up with a new thoughtful and creative way to present eharmony to the world. To ensure it reflected eharmony’s core purpose and values, they came up with this venn diagram of brand attributes:

As you can see in the diagram, eharmony is a company known for the science behind love, and when overlapped it is able to create connections. These two concepts were the guiding characteristics of the overall tone and design of the newest logo:

The way we find love has changed dramatically in the last 20 years and the new visual identity reflects that evolution, as a forward-thinking, human-centred relationship company.

Staying true to its core, the brand name is written in a font that is warm. A dynamic heart shines above it, illustrating the insights, expertise, and experience we bring to creating compatible relationships. Together, they tell the story of love and science working together to achieve eharmony’s true purpose of creating meaningful connections.

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