The first date went well. What next?


It’s the day after that first meeting and you think there was chemistry. Working out the next step can tie people up in knots. Communication is the key to moving forward.

It was a great night out and you’re keen for round two.

You’ve got thousands of thoughts running through your head. Who makes contact first? How long should you wait before doing something? Do they feel the same way?

It’s natural to be excited, terrified and nervous all at the same time in the early stages of getting to know someone.

You don’t want to appear over-the-top and scare someone off, but equally you don’t want to give the impression you’re not interested by being aloof. Remember, they are most likely going through the same thing.

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Thanks for the memories

Regardless of how you feel about the person you’ve just met, it is polite to send them a message soon after you’ve parted company to thank them for spending time with you. Nothing needy about that, and it is non-committal.

You want more

It doesn’t hurt to review how things went in the cold light of the next day. If, after such reflection, you would like to see the person again, don’t be shy. Just drop them a line and say so. You don’t have to wait for them to make the first move.

This can be done either by phone, text or email – there’s no etiquette minefield to navigate here – or perhaps send flowers or cupcakes with a message card if you’re feeling playful.

Don’t wait too long though – 48 hours max – in case you run the risk of implying you’re not interested.

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Silent treatment

One of the reasons online dating is such a brilliant tool for finding romance is that it gives you access to so many more compatible matches.

Of course, the more dates you go on means there will be occasions when it doesn’t work out. It’s the same for everyone.

In an ideal world people would be upfront and gracious if they don’t see things progressing to a second date, but if you don’t hear back from someone you like, don’t take it personally.

Just go on another date!

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