Does your heart sing with love?


There’s something quaint about the word “serenade“. It’s a bit Shakespearean, a bit Romeo and Juliet. These days however standing under your one true love’s bedroom window singing Up Where We Belong is more likely to have you arrested than get a kiss these days. But why has this been allowed to happen?

Surely singing to someone you fancy is better than a bunch of flowers, a flirty text or a mass-produced Valentine’s Day card bought from the corner shop?

Actually serenading someone isn’t a dead art. People just do it differently as technology evolves. Whereas once you would have had to learn to sing properly if you were planning on wooing someone with your vibrant falsetto, the advent of recorded music gave the vocally challenged another option. You could play songs sung by other people to your paramour and hope she or he got the message. This manifested itself in many ways.

There was request radio, where you rang up a radio station and asked the DJ to play a song dedicated to your date, and hoped like heck they were listening.

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Then there was the mix tape, where you recorded a suite of songs that more or less expressed what you were feeling. It was very touching and personal, but you ran the danger that they could misinterpret that Black Sabbath song as you wanting to bite the head off their pet rabbit.

Then came karaoke … aka serenading for the tone deaf. Countless pubs and clubs have borne witness to besotted romantics murdering classic love songs while their date hid down the back of the room wishing they’d joined the navy the day before. With the advent of the internet, you can just send your lover a video clip of any song you like on your phone, which is actually a neat way of giving someone a little aural kiss.

Despite all these options being available to the budding romantic, it seems they – and other gestures of affection – aren’t being deployed as much as they used to be.

Research by eharmony suggests that more than two thirds of Aussie singles think the dating scene isn’t as romantic as it once was, and half can’t remember the last time anyone did something romantic for them. That’s a worrying statistic. It would be a dull world without romance!

But back to the serenading. Has someone ever serenaded you? Would you be embarrassed or charmed? Some of you had a chance to find out.

As August is International Romance Month (pretty sure there’s lots of romance in the other months too, just quietly), and eharmony is a strong advocate of all things romantic, it had organised a serenade for you, in Sydney.


Random Acts Of Romance- The Serenade. Sydney, Martin Place.

Right in the middle of Martin Place some of you were serenaded for real by one of three live humans who could each hold a tune. This was possibly the only time this will ever happen in your life. If you were there, tell us what it was like.

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