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Movie magic

Movies and love go hand in hand … literally. From the moment cinemas started showing silent flicks at the turn of last century, people realised their potential for aiding and abetting romance. In the darkened cocoon of the movie theatre couples not yet wed could stoke their ardour with a surreptitious holding of hands, the touching of shoulders or perhaps a brushing of the knees.

A cinema, full of people, was also considered a safe space to send sons and daughters by protective parents not wanting to become grandparents any time soon. Consequently, it was where most young lovers got their start, back in the day. Movies also offer that most useful of tools in the dating game … common ground. They give you something to talk about, an experience to share. A movie can also give novice suitors good strategies – for instance, smart men see chick flicks as instruction manuals on how to behave when pursuing romance.

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Interestingly, the extent to which having a keen interest in cinema can help you find a partner in love has been uncovered in the recent eharmony research. We looked at the profiles of more than 800,000 eharmony users -half men, half women – who had signed up in the past 5 years, and examined what starring roles movies played in their dating experiences. Of those 800,000, roughly a quarter mentioned a favourite movie in their profiles. Those that did were found to value monogamy and exclusivity in relationships more, and value emotional openness and closeness with a partner more than those who didn’t list a movie. Movie watchers were also found to be less religious, and more comfortable seeking to build a secure bond with someone.

Here’s the really interesting part – the eharmony members who list a favourite movie receive more messages from potential dates than those who don’t. Lot’s more. For men, it’s a staggering 45% more reach-outs, while for women it’s still a healthy 16 %. That’s a big advantage.

Our researchers were able to drill down and compile lists of the favourite films overall, the favourite films for each gender, and the impact particular movies have on messaging rates.

Comedies are the most popular genre, followed by action/adventure and romance. War movies and westerns are at the bottom of the pile. What the research showed is that if you pick a movie that the opposite gender likes, there is a huge boost in messages received.

The converse is true to … list a movie the opposite gender dislikes, and you’ll fall back to pack. For instance, if a man mentions he likes the French buddy movie Untouchables (a favourite with the ladies), he would receive 50 % more messages than the average man.

Others titles with impressive powers of attraction for men are Bridesmaids (23.7 % more messages), Notting Hill (21.1 %), P.S. I Love You (20.3 %), and When Harry Met Sally (18.8 %). On the other side of the gender divide, if a woman shows a liking for Old School, she will receive about 34% more messages from men than the average woman. If that doesn’t work she could try listing Superbad (27.6 % more messages), The Departed (25.4 p%) or Super Troopers (22.6 %).

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Woe betide the man who lists Dirty Dancing as his favourite movie though. He will be punished by receiving 27.4 % fewer messages than the average bloke. Adam Sandler’s 50 First Dates won’t do him any favours either, attracting 26.3 % fewer reach-outs. And it seems men are put off by ladies who like some action movies. Mentioning The Expendables will result in 11.6% fewer messages than the average woman, while – and I can’t believe this is true – Die Hard will garner 11.1% fewer messages from men. Surely that’s a statistical anomaly for one of the greatest movies ever made.

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