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Meeting someone for the first time? Waiter!

It’s your first date. You’re a bundle of nerves. Will we hit it off? What will we talk about? Who’s going to pay?

To help you relax, order yourself a stiff drink – then comfort yourself with the knowledge that that’s what most singles do too.

eharmony has done some consumer research to gauge the extent to which people lean on Dutch courage to help them get through their first date, and the results are in – the answer is “a lot”.

A significant majority (67 percent) of Australians surveyed admitted having a drink on their first date to help contain their nervousness.

The results also verified what you would expect – that wine is the favourite choice for women in a majority of cases (28 percent) while men prefer beer (also 28 percent).

Not far behind them though are a large cohort of first daters who go straight for the hard stuff – nearly a quarter (24 percent) opt for spirits, either neat or in a mixer or cocktail, to soften the edges when they are meeting someone for the first time.

Wine is the most popular choice for Aussie singles who like to imbibe on a first date (preferred by 25 percent), followed by beer (15 percent), and then a mixed drink (10 percent).

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Perhaps surprisingly, a third of respondents said they laid off the liquor on their first date, preferring water or something else non-alcoholic instead.

There are sound reasons for this – a desire to stay in control perhaps, or not wanting to appear to be taking advantage of a date if they are paying the bill.

Conversely, nearly 1 in 5 Aussie singles go for a mid-priced wine per glass so their dates won’t think them cheap.

And many said they would leave the wine choice up to their date if they were paying.

Unfortunately, the survey unearthed a tiny percentage of people (3 percent) who admitted they would take advantage of a date who offered to pay by ordering the most expensive glass of wine they could.

The best thing about that statistic is that 97 percent of singles wouldn’t be so cynical! It’s reassuring to know that your chances of running into someone on a first date who is just out to exploit the situation is minimal.

It also seems that the older we get the more our fondness for the grape grows – only 13 percent of young Aussie singles prefer wine on a date compared with 36percent of daters aged 55 or more.

The research threw up some interesting state preferences too.

A significantly greater proportion (28 percent as opposed to an average 23 percent across other states) of singles living in Canberra showed a preference to wine.

Victorians and Tasmanians take the crown for ordering a mixed drink like gin & tonic or vodka & soda for a first date (13 percent compared with an average of 9 percent across other states). Queenslanders are the most likely to order a pre-mixed drink like a Bacardi Cruiser (8 percent compared with 5 percent across other states).

Whatever your preference, here’s cheers to a successful first date!

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