A tale of the unexpected: how a game of pool broke the ice


In our Dating Diaries, real people talk about real dates … what went right, what went wrong, what they learnt from the experience. And the biggest question of all: was there a second date?

Pablo Seoane, 31, works in marketing and likes to take the lead on first dates. He operates a speed-dating night in Sydney.

Who did you go on a date with? Anna, 35, lawyer.

Where did you go? An inner-city bar.

Who picked the venue? Me. Usually on the first date, I like to take the initiative. I normally suggest we go out for a drink, something casual and quite chilled.

How did you meet? Online. We had chatted for a few days and sent each other a few messages but I don’t like to chat a lot online because sometimes when you meet and there’s no connection, you’ve wasted your time.

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What did you wear? It was the weekend, so jeans and a shirt.

What did you like about her profile? To be honest, it was her picture. Secondly, she also listed a lot of interests that I share, like sport, salsa dancing and documentaries.

What were your first impressions when you met in person? I arrived first, she was a little late because she was trying to find a park. She looked pretty much like her picture and sometimes that doesn’t happen, so that was good. Also, she seemed very easy-going and approachable.

What did you chat about? We talked a lot. We chatted about her job, because she is thinking about moving roles. She’s also from overseas like me, so we talked about why she moved to Australia and we shared our experiences of coming here. We talked about travel and her passions. She’s full-on about surfing, so she explained to me why she got into it and the training she does to keep improving.

How long was the date? Long! It was three hours. We had a few drinks when we met and then chatted for a while before she said, ‘Hey, do you want to go and play pool?’ and I said, ‘Let’s do it.’ So we played one game and she won, and then we played a second game and I won, so we decided to have a third round to see who would be the overall champion. After that, we went and had another drink.

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Any embarrassing moments? Only that I lost at pool. She won two games and I bet her dinner, so now we are going out for a meal. I wasn’t expecting her to be so good!

What did you take away from the experience? It was definitely a good first date. We had things in common and the conversation was free-flowing and enjoyable, things progressed really naturally. I am quite keen to go on a second date and to see what happens because that is when you can get to know much more about the person. At that point, you’ve broken the ice and you can see if there is genuine potential for a relationship. In terms of the next date with her, I will probably pick the place and I am really looking forward to it. Also, I don’t usually play pool on a first date, it was just a coincidence that the bar had a pool table. However, it was a great way to break the ice, so I will keep that in mind.

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