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In our Dating Diaries, real people talk about real dates … what went right, what went wrong, what they learnt from the experience. And the biggest question of all: was there a second date?

Janine is a 46-year-old COO of a superannuation fund. She is divorced, has no kids, and is looking for a long-term relationship with a view to marriage.

Who did you go on a date with? Adam, 47, Aircraft Technical instructor, two kids.

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Where did you go? Pilus at Freshwater.

Who picked the venue? We live a fair distance from each other but he wanted to come my way and take me somewhere nice so he chose the venue.

How did you meet? We met on a dating site. I made the first move. Adam took five days to respond and I wasn’t fazed (plenty of fish in the sea!) but I loved his profile and I was thrilled when he made contact.

What did you like about their profile? He was cute, he looked fun, he surfs, plays guitar and used grammar correctly.

Did you chat much before the date? Yes! I don’t like a lot of texting so we spoke on the phone numerous times.

What did you wear? I had a bit of a wardrobe meltdown but I settled on a fitted black dress and high heels. I still have a Pinterest page dedicated to that outfit!

What were your first impressions when you met in person? He was tall and had a nice smile. He opened the door for me and was a total gentleman.

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What did you talk about on the date? A lot of things! His kids, our previous marriages and relationships, and work. It turns out we had been working within 200m or less of each other for nearly 25 years but didn’t meet until I left. He was kind and clever and a good listener and was interested in me. I told him I was looking for a long term relationship and he agreed.

Any embarrassing moments? Apparently, I bent over to say goodbye to my cat and flashed him!

 How did it end? We finished dinner, he paid, and he drove me back to my place. He kissed me goodnight at the door (he says very awkwardly, I say it was gentlemanly and smooth!).

Do you want to see them again? I did! We’ve been together ever since. Adam worked hard to get me, and he works hard to keep me. We move in together next weekend!

What did you take away from the experience? Be honest without being overbearing, be clear about what you want so that you can be clear to them about what you want.

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