The worst three colours to wear on a first date


What you wear on a first date is an important decision. Here are the colours you shouldn’t sport … and the hues that might get you to date #2.

We’ve all been there. Date night is looming and you don’t have a clue about what you’re going to wear. Cue an open wardrobe, clothes strewn everywhere, frantic phone consultations with friends.

While we’re focused on outfits, we also should be thinking about colour, too. In his book Colour Psychology, research psychologist Richard G. Lewis writes: “The effect that colour has on human emotions can be profound … Researchers believe that colour is perceived not only biologically but emotionally and can instigate actual physiological reaction patterns within us.”

While we can’t give you a foolproof date-night outfit, there are definitely some dos and don’ts when it comes to first-date attire. Read on for what colours to wear… and what to avoid at all costs.

Don’t: yellow

While yellow is a bright sunny colour that makes some people feel happy, it’s the worst thing to wear on a first date. It shouts too loud, which is why it’s often used for kids’ advertisements and products. Research by colour psychologist and branding expert Jill Morton also found that people sometimes associate yellow with egotism and betrayal.

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Also don’t: orange

Citrus has a bad wrap on the dating front. Orange is also considered too loud and a little unfashionable. An ironic rust-coloured mid-century armchair is one thing … an orange shirt quite another.

Really don’t: brown

A survey of 1000 people found only 1 per cent of women and 4 percent of men would wear brown on a first date. Brown was also a close second to orange when respondents were asked to name their least favourite shade. Colour researcher Judy Scott-Kemmis says while brown is thought to represent stability and structure, it is also associated with someone who lacks spontaneity and might be, well, a little boring.

Do: grey and black

Research has shown that black is the leader for nearly every positive quality, including confidence, intelligence and sexiness, which makes it a top choice for everything from interviews to first dates and weddings. Tone it down with grey – women ranked it the sexiest shade on men.

Absolutely do: red

The colour de rigueur for years when it comes to dating – think passion, think fire, think romance! – is still relevant, albeit with a caveat. Accents – maybe a red lip or a scarf – are good; a full-scale bandage dress, perhaps not. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

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