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5 phrases to make every woman’s heart melt

by Eharmony Editorial Team - August 10, 2010

Here you have it: five amazing things you can say to your other half that will make them go weak at the knees. Just make sure you mean it!

There are some phrases that almost every woman – no matter who she is – loves to hear from a partner. Here are 5 of those phrases that rank up there with ‘Have you lost some weight?’, that are guaranteed to make us go weak at the knees. After the article, tell us the phrases that make you personally turn to mush.

1. “You’re Right”
Who doesn’t want their beloved to tell them that, on this particular occasion, they were right? Of course, men LOVE hearing this too, but we’ll talk about that elsewhere. The simple fact is that every woman wants to hear the guy she’s seeing admit that she knows more about something than he does.

Beware though, if you like to be told you’re right constantly then you need to rework your priorities. After all, a relationship isn’t a competition; it’s much more important to be happy together than be right all the time.  Try saying ‘You’re right’ back to you partner every once in a while, you’ll love the response you get.

2. “You’re my ‘One’”
We’re constantly lead to believe by the media that in order to find love we have to be tall, thin with a large chest. But when someone turns round to us and tells us they we are perfect to them, then it makes all that idealised rubbish melt away. There’s no better feeling than knowing that the person we’re with loves us lumps, bumps and all.

3. “You’re beautiful because…”
It’s quite easy to tell someone they’re beautiful, but to explain why is the real clincher. It shows you’ve really thought about it, and you really mean it. Saying ‘you’re beautiful because of your cute little ears/ your soft hair/your wonderful smile’ means so much more.

4. “You make me so proud”
Romantic partnerships are about celebrating every element of each other, which goes way beyond the physical. To hear that you’ve done something that makes your partner proud – whether that’s conquering a fear of spiders or getting a promotion at work – can give us a warm glow that lasts the rest of the week.

5. “I Love You.”
We defy any woman not to go gooey when the man they love says this to them. Even the most historically hard bitten, committed singleton will inevitably forget her previous convictions when these three words are uttered. The first time your guy says this will be important, but if he’s a keeper the 100th time will be just as important – whether he’s saying it to you as he hands you a bunch of roses on your anniversary, or as he wipes your forehead when you’ve got flu.

The most important thing is to mean it. The worst thing you can do is to say those three words words to get out of a tight spot, or get a woman into bed.  The fact is, those words are special, don’t ruin them for her, or yourself.