14 non-boring winter date ideas


It’s chilly and grim outside, but we’ve got fun date ideas for every weekend this season (and a couple to spare!):

Go ice skating

There are 21 ice skating rinks around Australia (who knew?) so find your nearest, grab a cute beanie and recreate the classic Endless Love scene from Happy Gilmore.​

Have a BBQ

And by bbq, we don’t just mean pull out the Webber, because boring. We mean build a fire (most national parks let you build fires in winter as the fire danger is low), open a bottle of red (try Annie’s Lane Shiraz 2009, $18, or McGuigan Black Label Red, $7.99) and wait for those coals to turn bright orange for your steaks, jacket potatoes and corn cobs. S’Mores and more red wine is on the dessert menu.

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Go to a Wallabies game

Watching rugby on TV is like holidaying at the local caravan park in that it’s slightly dull for some people. Watching a Wallaby’s game live, however, is more exciting than an African safari. Go for the pies and beer, stay for the on-­field action.

The $15 present test

Head to your local Target, KMart or Big W with $15. You’ve got 15 minutes to find each other a gift. It could be funny, it could be sweet, it could be useful. Exchange while having a coffee and donut at the local cafe.

Take a cooking class together

A unique way to share a meal together. Whether you’ve always wanted to master Singapore chilli crab or learn how to bake better than Martha Stewart, your local cooking schools can help.

See a comedy show

No matter where you’re at on your relationship timeline, comedian Emma Markezic has a suggestion for what comedian to book tickets to:

Comedian: David Smiedt
Best for: A first date. He’s clean, he’s funny and even if you sit in the front row, he won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Comedian: Tommy Little
Best for: Date two or three… once you’re ready to laugh about the awkwardness of dating.

Comedian: David Williams
Best for: When you’re ready to take things to the next level. Plenty of titillating content to get the ball rolling.

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Build a fort

Sounds juvenile, but building and then bunkering down in a blanket fort, complete with a cheese plate, makes you feel like you achieved something on a rainy afternoon.

Get another couple around for a game of Cards Against Humanity

Check out cardsagainsthumanity.com to make your own version of the best game to hit shelves since Connect Four.

Go to a couple’s spa

The men might not think this is the greatest idea at first, but we all know what a couple’s massage leads to…

Go trampolining

Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder by jumping around like you’re a little kid at the grown up version of your childhood backyard trampoline. These parks are huge, and as much fun as you remember.

Download a box set and make too much popcorn

We asked News Limited’s National TV Editor Tiffany Dunk to tell us the best his’n’her box sets:

Suits: ​a legal drama with ballsy men, but it’s the women who really run the show.

Friday Night Lights:​ Enough sports action for the guys, enough emotional heart for the women, and extreme eye candy for both!

The Americans: ​Keri Russell (remember her from Felicity?​) and Matthew Rhys play Elizabeth and John Jennings, a normal couple living with their kids in Washington DC. Except the marriage was arranged. Oh and they’re also KGB spies…

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Go rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing will give you a shot of adrenalin, which studies show causes arousal that can be transferred to your partner and your relationship.

See a show live

Check your local Ticketek for dates, but Cirque de Soliel’s Totum, the musical Singin’ In The Rain and Russel Brand’s True New Order are all touring nationally this winter.

Go to an art gallery or museum

Better yet, make a trip to the Nation’s capital, Canberra, where you can easily fill up a weekend trip with visits to some of the country’s most exceptional galleries and museums. We recommend visiting the National Portrait Gallery, The National Gallery of Australia and the National Museum of Australia.

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