The best movies to watch on Valentine’s Day


Whether you’re planning a cozy night on the sofa with your sweetheart or flying solo, we’ve teamed up with Stan to bring you the top movies to watch this Valentine’s Day. 

If you’re coupled up …

Couldn’t get a table at your favourite restaurant, or maybe you prefer a quiet night in? Either way, these movies are bound to add a little romance to your relationship on 14 February.

Crazy Stupid Love – Between Gosling’s abs, Emma Stone’s fast talking wisecracks, Steve Carell’s impressive transformation and a twist you won’t see coming, Crazy Stupid Love will keep everyone happy this Valentine’s Day.

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days – Say what you want about the McConaissance, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days was (and still is) a fantastic date movie. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey have undeniable chemistry, and there are plenty of funny, cringey, and sweet moments that make this a film you can’t help but love.

Life Partners – A great cast, likeable characters and a tale of love, friendship and everything in between, Life Partners is a perfect date movie that will keep you and your partner laughing throughout.

If you’re single and sentimental…

You’re still on the hunt for love, but would love a bit of romance on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got just the thing…

The Notebook – More Gosling is never a bad thing, and when you add his on-screen chemistry with Rachel McAdams this becomes a Valentine’s Day classic. Probably a good idea to keep a box of tissues nearby for the particularly touching moments.

Amour – They say French is the language of love, so what better time to immerse yourself in a critically acclaimed, Academy Award winning French romance? Amour is a beautiful tale of loss, love and the eternal connection between two people.

Begin Again – Mark Ruffalo, Keira Knightley and James Corden are here to remind you that sometimes friendship can take you to beautiful places. Knightly is a small-time musician who partners up with Ruffalo, a producer who is in dire need of a hit. Romance, humour, heartache, and a soundtrack you won’t be able to get out of your head, this movie has all the trappings of a great date night flick.

If you’re single and hate Valentine’s Day…

Not a fan of Cupid’s favourite holiday? Instead of hate-watching romantic comedies, curl up on the sofa with some popcorn and one of these choice films.

In The Loop – If Valentine’s Day puts you in a state of uncontrollable rage and makes you want to shout obscenities to all who’ll listen, we’ve got just the film for you! Foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker will soothe that Valentine’s rage with a healthy dose of swearing and insults directed at anyone who gets in his way.

Saw – If you’d prefer your Valentine’s rage to be expressed in, well, more violent terms then Saw might just be what you need. Pain, torture and not a small amount of gore will put Cupid right back in his box for the night.

Fabric of the Cosmos – If you hate Valentine’s Day and aren’t in the mood for romance, why not expand your mind with a bit of science? Make the night a productive one by brushing up on the frontiers of physics with this documentary series based on the book by renowned physicist and author Brian Greene.

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