8 dates that are free (or inexpensive)



The traditional idea of a date is a meal in an expensive restaurant followed by a movie or a show. Not only can this prove to be expensive if done regularly but it’s also common place. Impress your date without breaking the bank with one of these dating ideas.

1. A picnic – what makes a picnic romantic isn’t how much money you spend but how much thought you put into it. Choosing a beautiful location; taking things like blankets, cushions, music or entertainment; planning a simple meal to share; real crockery and glasses; candles for when it gets dark or wood for a camp fire can all transform an ordinary picnic into a very romantic occasion, even if it is only in your back garden.

2. A sporting chance – competitive sports like tennis make a great date because they reveal a lot about each person’s personality as well as creating a bond between you. Sharing exercise with someone can increase feelings of connection and closeness and fill you both with feel-good endorphins.

3. A local adventure –there may be free events and attractions in your local area that you are unaware of. Start scanning local press and websites to find out what is coming up.

4. Help a good cause – it may not seem like an obvious choice for a date but research has shown that giving your time to help others increases feelings of well-being and boosts self-esteem. When you do it with someone else you also form a strong bond as you are working together for a greater good. Look out for opportunities where you can volunteer together.

5. Star gazing – staring into the great mysteries of the universe together is a great date and you don’t necessarily need an expensive telescope to do it, a good pair of distance binoculars can be just as good. On most smartphones you can now get an app which will tell you the constellations, but lying under the stars with your beloved may be wonder enough.

6. A mystery date – deciding to spend the day together without any firm plan or destination in mind can take the pressure off trying to organise, plan and control your dates. Being free and spontaneous and allowing the day to unfold will reveal a lot about how you make decisions together and your individual tastes.

7. Take a walk – any exercise taken outdoors releases three times more endorphins that exercise taken indoors. Whatever your age or ability walking side by side through a place of natural beauty will make you feel closer and more companionable as we talk in a different way when we are beside someone that we do when we are facing them.

8. Dance like no-one is watching – dancing has always been an important part of the dating ritual in every culture around the world.  Take every opportunity you can to dance with your date, the rhythm between you will often tell more than words ever could.

Whatever you do, don’t let lack of money stop you from dating. A good date isn’t about impressing someone with the amount of cash you have but with the richness of your life and a genuine desire to make the most of the time you spend together.

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