10 profile photos not to post


1. The bathroom mirror selfie

Source: Skinny Dip

The bathroom mirror selfie is arguably the most common profile mistake. Selfies are okay but not if you’ve taken them in your bathroom, or worse, a public bathroom. This is not flattering on anyone.

2. The casual ‘sprawled across the floor model shot’

Source: Team Jimmy Joe

Don’t sprawl across the floor trying to look sexy, or even sit up trying to look sexy. You can’t make sexy happen, you’ll just look creepy.

 3. The car shot

Source: Gimmesomeoven

Leave your ‘toys’ out of your photos. If someone wants to date you just because you’ve got a car/jet ski/motorcycle/boat, they’re probably not a nice person.

4. The wedding photo

Absolutely no wedding photos. This seems self-explanatory if you’re on a dating website.

5. The photo of you from 10 years ago

Source: Skinny Dip

Don’t choose photos from years ago. It will only come back to bite you when you meet people in person.

6. The face obscurer shot

Don’t use photos where your face is obscured by something – hats, goggles, sunglasses, a scuba mask. People want to see your face!

7. The long shot

No long shots. Again – people want to see YOU.

8. The bachelor/bachelorette shot

Source: Mashable

Leave out photos with members of the opposite sex, even if it’s your mum, sister, bother etc.

9. The scenery shot

This is no place for your artsy photographs – you’re trying to score a date.

10. The anonymous group shot

Source: Mashable

No group photos – are you the guy or girl second from the left? Or the waiter lurking in the background?


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