10 reasons to date a farmer



To celebrate Australia’s sexy single farmers, we put together 10 good reasons to date one.

1. He’s committed

It takes a lot of hard work, passion and perseverance to run a farm and you can bet these great qualities will extend to a relationship.

2. He’s got a great physique

When your daily routine consists of outdoor activities like rounding up sheep, checking crops and riding horses, you enjoy the benefit of being naturally fit, toned and tanned. Remember Hugh Jackman as The Drover? Enough said.

dating a farmer

3. In touch with nature

It’s sexy to be eco-aware. From being able to translate the sun’s position to the time, to knowing the moon cycles and weather patterns, your farmer is as close to being ‘at one with the land’ as they come.

4. Traditional values

Most farmers subscribe to good ol’ fashioned values like loyalty, chivalry and family. Any guy with these values will be proud to treat you with kindness and respect.

5. Independent

His farm-managing capabilities aside, this man also knows how to take care of himself. You can rest assured he’s not looking for someone to complete him, but a partner who also values their independence to share a rich and colourful life together.

6. Appreciates the company

In saying all this, a farmer’s life can get pretty lonely so he truly appreciates the company of a woman. You’ll have his time and attention.

7. Compassionate

For an abundant crop or healthy livestock, one really learns that your grass is greener where you water it, and understands the great affect of care and compassion.

dating a farmer

8. Positive outlook

Farm life comes with many ups and downs, and when there’s a bad season or loss of farm-life, farmers really learn to maintain an optimistic outlook even in the face of adversity.

9. Handyman

This guy is all things practicality – from operating machinery, fixing things or growing crops – whatever the goal, he can make it happen.

10. Rural lifestyle

Swap the sky-scrapers for a green open landscape and get back to your roots with Mother Nature. The fresh air and organic lifestyle that comes with dating a farmer will nurture your body and soul!

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