10 Signs you should definitely meet up


Deciding to take something from cyberspace into real life can be tricky – with everyone busier than ever before, you want to be sure you’re not wasting your time or theirs. So what are the signs you’re on to a winner?

1. They’ve got pictures up the wazoo

One picture does not make an accurate representation. If you don’t feel like you could even pick them out of a crowd in a busy cafe, then you probably shouldn’t try. On the other hand, someone who has copious photos – both close-up and full-length – gives off the vibe of someone who’s open and honest about finding love. Winning!

2. They know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’

Not everyone is a grammar nut, but if their profile is riddled with spelling mistakes, it’s unlikely they’ve put much effort in. If they can’t even be bothered to proof read their own self-summary, they mightn’t be the attentive partner you’re looking for. A well structured, well spelled profile on the other hand – that’s a stellar sign they’re going to be a good date.

3. They didn’t lead with a slightly-sleazy compliment on your looks

It’s easy to be flattered by an OTT comment about how bangin’ you look in that red dress, but obviously you look good in your profile photos – that’s why you chose them! Going straight for a physical compliment can often show a lack of self confidence in real life so be weary of someone who put too much focus on your assets. It’s far classier to show that you actually read someone’s profile by mentioning their favourite band, book or hobby in order to get the conversation marinating.

4. They speak your language

I mean this both literally and metaphorically. While intonation can be hard to read in bits and bytes, you should be able to tell if they converse, ask questions, tell jokes and show interest in the same general way you do with your friends and family. If you find you’re having misunderstandings over text or email, you could very easily have the same problem when you meet.

5. They’ve made you LOL

As in, a real LOL. Not a cyber one. If their messages make you smile or even laugh out loud, it means you’re likely to have the same banter and chemistry in real life. It might not be instantaneous – it can take people a little while to warm up in a face-to-face situation – but don’t underestimate the power of a good LOL.

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6. They’ve asked you to suggest somewhere you’re comfortable going

If you’ve gotten into the nitty gritty of a meet-up and they’ve asked where you’re based so they can find someone convenient for you or have asked you to pick the venue yourself, this shows a genuine desire to make you feel comfortable. Don’t mistake it for indifference – it’s a positive sign!

7. They’re question-responsive

They ask, they answer. Basically, they seem as keen to get to know you as they are to tell you about themselves. This shows an openness which is likely to leak into real life once you do decide to meet up.

8. There’s a pleasing lack of cliché in their profile

We all love to travel, a night out with friends as much as an evening on the couch, and think we’re down to earth. There’s really no need to include any of that in your profile! If, instead, you’ve come across someone who’s put some effort into pointing out what makes them unique and interesting, you’re probably onto something – and someone – who might just surprise you.

9. They haven’t tried to fast forward the meet-up process

If, in the first one or two messages, they tell you they’re not great at this online thing and would much rather just meet up for coffee then by all means go for it if you’re comfortable with the idea. But don’t fast track it if you’re not. A good prospect will make sure it feels like you’re on board with meeting up before suggesting it outright.

10. The momentum feels natural

This is probably the most important – it just feels right. There’s a lot to be said for human intuition and you should always trust what your gut tells you about someone. In fact those guts of yours are great for three things: digesting delicious foodstuffs, bungee jumping and feeling out a situation. Let them do what they were born to do!

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