10 signs you’ve found your soulmate


We grow up with fairytale stories of finding ‘the one’ and living happily ever after, and often believe that once we find our soulmate we’ll live our lives in eternal bliss. It is, of course, largely nonsense: perfect humans do not exist and even the most idyllic relationships must navigate a course through the everyday niggles and compromises that put any partnership to the test.

Notwithstading all that, some couples are definitely more compatible than others. Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book, Eat, Pray, Love says: “A soulmate’s purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life.” Which doesn’t sound much like fun.

A simpler explanation comes from relationship psychologist John Aiken: “It will mean different things to different people, but my take is that a soul mate is a person that you totally click with on every level. This includes being sexually attracted to them, being able to communicate openly with them, getting along with their family and friends and having similar values, interests and relationship expectations.”

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Whatever your definition, there is no denying the intense feelings you experience when you meet that special someone. Here are 10 signs you’ve found your soulmate:

1 You’re best friends

No one quite ‘gets’ you like they do. You share everything with each other and have fun together no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

2 You bring out the best in each other

They bring out the best in you- your ‘true self.’ You help each other evolve and grow as individuals and because of that your relationship improves and gets better over time

3 You have shared values, passions and dreams

While you may not agree on absolutely everything, you are on the same page about all the big things in life – ambitions, values, passions and dreams. You feel uplifted and supported knowing that you’re both aligned where it counts

4 There’s no jealousy

Your bond and trust in each other is so strong that there is simply no room for jealousy or insecurity about the relationship

5 Your minds are always in tune

You are mentally inseparable- you share such a deep connection that you can almost feel and hear what your partner is thinking. You sense when something is wrong and feel happiest when they are happy.

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6 You can share comfortable silences

You enjoy the same peace and quiet in each other’s company that you do in solitude.

7 You’re a perfect team

You work harmoniously together and never feel alone in any task you undertake . When times get tough you work hard to help each other and when one person is faced with an emotional hardship, the other stays strong to keep the ship afloat.

8 Your complement each other

Your relationship is more likely to be a soulmate match if you both complement  rather than complete each other. You have perfectly opposing strengths and weaknesses so that when facing a challenge together, you’re unstoppable.

9 You handle conflict respectfully

Every relationship, no matter how perfect has its ups and downs. However, with your soulmate any conflict should be founded on resolution, compromise and unity and once the matter is resolved- you simply forgive and forget.

10 You just know

You can’t quite describe how you feel, but deep down you just know you’ve found someone really special.

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