13 awesome date ideas for when you’re broke


By Harriet Farkash

1.  Have a Mexican night

“A guy once invited me around to his house for dinner but to make it a bit special, he had themed it Mexican, complete with tacos, Corona’s and sombreros for us to wear! It was so sweet, and way cheaper than at a restaurant.” Sarah, 29

2.  Take a free walking tour of your city

“I used to do those free walking tours when I was travelling in Europe and I thought how good it would be to do one in my own city. I asked a girl to come with me and it was excellent. I had a bottle of wine in my bag so when the tour ended at the Opera House, we could sit and share it, while looking out over the best harbour in the world.” Tom, 26

3. Explore a new suburb

“My sister moved to a beachside town about an hour and a half out of Melbourne. I went there with a man I’d been seeing for a week or two and it was great – we could explore somewhere new, have a long leisurely lunch at the pub and just relax out of the city.” Rose, 29

4.  Go for a $10 pub steak

“It doesn’t sound that romantic, but what guy doesn’t love a good steak? Add red wine for me, and you’ve got a cheap but delicious dinner date!” Sarah, 31

5.  Visit a museum on open day

“Most museums are open for free one night a week or month, or for special exhibitions. Takes a bit of planning, but it’s the best cheap date in my opinion.” Sally-Ann, 29

6.  Support an indie band

“I’ve got mates in a band and I always see them when they play for free at the local pub. I wouldn’t do this on a first date as it can be hard to hear a girl, but I’ve taken girls on third/fourth dates there and we’ve always had a good time.” Angelo, 35

7.  Walk on the beach

“Sharing fish and chips on the beach while the sun is setting is such a nice way to spend a summer evening. Go for a stroll after to a local pub for some drinks if you can, too.” Kelly, 23

8.  Comedy night

“This is my usual go-to cheap date because it is still impressive. Unless the comedian isn’t very good… but then you can both laugh about how crap they were after.” Joe, 29

9.  Visit a farmer’s market

“I say this because I love cheese and this is far fancier than just going to Coles to buy some, but just as cheap! Get enough stuff for a picnic in the park and you’ve got a romantic, wallet friendly arvo.” Emma, 32

10.  Rent bikes and go for a ride

“I’ve done this in Sydney’s Centennial Park, which is better than on main roads because a face full of car exhaust isn’t very romantic! After a few hours exploring the park, we stopped and had a coffee at the café there, too.” Pauly, 31

11.  Opshopping or antiquing

“My man friends don’t find shopping much fun, but for some reason, looking through old stuff is ok. Go to the big ones outside the city for the old machinery and farm type stuff, which is always popular.” Katy, 24

12.  Play boardgames

“This might sound weird but I think boardgames are sexy! Maybe it’s the competition? Or the fact they go so well with wine?! I don’t know, but a good game of Monopoly and Pinot Noir are underrated in my books!” Sam, 28

13.  Volunteer somewhere

“A girl asked me on a date to go and help her local council with their park cleanup. It was basically a day of gardening, and my mates paid me out about it for weeks, but it was actually really fun. I’m still seeing her, so clearly it worked!” Alex, 31

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