Future of Dating: the rise of ebabies and digital families



By 2038 it will be more common for babies to be born to parents who met online and within the next decade 34% of newborns will be ‘ebabies’, a new report suggests.

Research by eharmony and Monash University has predicted the effect online dating will have on families and relationships.

By 2030, over a third of babies will be ‘ebabies’, a huge societal change in how we meet our partners considering that even a decade ago, few couples openly admitted they met online.

Online dating often gets a bad rap for encouraging casual dating and swipe culture. But our report with Monash University, demonstrates that there are countless people who look to technology to find life-long partners and start a family.

Research suggests 2040 will be the year more Aussie couples will meet online than offline.  Our study concludes that 2040 will be the so-called Tipping Point, when just over half (50%) of relationships begin online.

The growth in online dating has particularly accelerated over the past few years, with over a third (34%) starting between 2016 and the present day.

Two thirds of Aussies (69%) agree online dating has become normalised and over half of Australians (51%) say the internet makes it easier for introverts to find love.

Jason and Nikki Andrikonis from Dodges Ferry, Tasmania, and their son Sarchi. The couple met on eharmony in 2014 and Sarchi was born four years later

So does this mean we’ve lost the art of traditional romance and serendipity? Research suggests one in five couples met in the pub in the 1980’s while nowadays just 6% do.

In truth, meeting someone in the pub was never really that romantic. If seduction through beer-goggles was the starting point, many people found themselves in relationships with near strangers once the sheen of alcohol-fuelled passion began to wear off.

Technology means we’ve got better at psychometric testing than ever before. At eharmony, we  match our members according to 32 dimensions of compatibility

This is because we know having lots in common at a granular level is a powerful indicator of long-term relationship success. It’s also the best foundation for building a family together.

Here’s to the rise of ebabies.

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