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15 reasons to date a single dad

by Eharmony Editorial Team - June 13, 2014

Having children changes a man – almost always for the better. If a guy says he has children don’t let it put you off dating him. Consider instead the ways his little ones will have shaped him into a more rounded person. Here are 15 reasons to date a single dad.

1. Single dads use their time wisely

They know that life is too precious to spend it playing video games or noting down the class types of passing trains.

2. He’s patient

It’s all part of being a parent, but it’s a very useful character trait when it comes to getting to know someone too.

3. A single dad knows that in order to be loved, you must be willing to love

As the Ancient Roman poet, Virgil, famously said ‘love begets love’.

4. He’s looking for a good woman

When you have children, you know your date may have to play a part in your child’s life eventually – he’s sure to value loyalty and commitment over shallower qualities.

5. Single dads know when to be playful and when to be serious

They won’t tell fart jokes to your parents but they might want to play on the swings at the park!

6. He doesn’t swear. (Much)

Single dads have learned the skill of turning expletives into child-friendly exclamations – shhhh-ugar, fffff-lipping heck etc.

7. He’s good with children

Okay it’s obvious, but you don’t need to wonder if he’ll be a good father, you know he is.

8. He’s responsible

Single dads know that letting people down has big consequences.

9. He has a great sense of humour

Well, dad jokes may be cheesey but if  jokes like “What’s ET short for? Because he’s got little legs!” make you chuckle then you may have met your perfect guy!

10. He can adapt

Even the most macho dads can be tenderhearted nurturers when the situation calls for it.

11. Single dads can fix things

Just as fast as kids (or anyone else) can break them.

12. He’s emotionally mature

Nothing helps someone ‘grow up’ faster than a dependent child.

13. Date time is play time

Date a single dad and you can unashamedly visit theme parks, go to the zoo, slide down slides and sit on Santa’s lap. Okay, maybe not the last one.

14. They relish adult conversation

Small person chat can be a teeny bit repetitive, so you needn’t be afraid to talk philosophy or poetry.

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15. You may find more than one person to fall in love with

Taking on someone else’s children long-term is a huge responsibility, but it doesn’t mean you won’t love them as if they were your own.

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