15 Reasons to Date a Teacher


In celebration of World Teacher’s Day and teachers across Australia, here are 15 reasons to date a teacher.

1. They’re great communicators. All day long, teachers work hard to connect with their students, each with different needs, backgrounds, intellectual levels and work ethics.

2. They know how to charm parents. Teachers meet with them a lot, and know how to put people at ease. Date a teacher, and you won’t have to stress about the inevitable meet-the-parents dinner.

3. Teachers adapt quickly. Whether it’s welcoming new students, adopting new technology and teaching practices, or embracing a new curriculum, change doesn’t deter them – it inspires them!

4. They have the patience of Job. It’s all part of the gig, but patience is a virtue and a great quality for anyone embarking on the dating journey.

5. Miscommunication is unlikely with a teacher. They can explain the same thing in many different ways and get their point across, leaving little room for misunderstandings that can hurt a relationship.

6. They’re great with kids. Observing a teacher with his or her students can provide good insight into how they’ll be as a parent.

7. Teachers are up on the latest lingo and pop-culture trends. If you want to know what’s hip with kids these days, your date will know.

8. They have the summer off – and all holidays, making planning adventures a breeze.

9. Teachers are excellent problem-solvers.Finding creative, fun and practical solutions to problems is part of their day job.

10. Teachers (mostly) have great – and predictable – hours, so you can plan date nights with ease.

11. It’s a fantasy come to life. Ever had a crush on a teacher back in high school? Now’s your chance to finally date one – legally.

12. Teachers are super influential. They’re responsible for shaping young minds and future leaders. Your date might be teaching the future Prime Minister of Australia right now!

13. They have a strong moral compass and stand up for those around them. Teachers don’t put up with bullying or petty behaviour.

14. You’re dating someone’s hero. Everyone has a favourite teacher they look back on fondly.

15. They think you’re amazing. You’re respectful, mature, have grown-up tastes, and can hold up your end of a conversation. Your presence will be a welcome break from kiddy talk and teenage drama.


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