15 reasons to date an Aussie bloke


1. Aussie men are loyal. His underlying loyalty to his sports team shows he will always be prepared to take your side and cheer you on.

2. His outdoor physique. Aussie men spend much of their time at the beach so you can guarantee he’ll have a tanned, toned body underneath that singlet and stubbies.

3. He’s adventurous. An adventurous spirit is at the heart of every Aussie bloke. He’ll always be up for a good time, whether it’s going out for a drink or exploring the great outdoors.

4. Aussie men love their mate-ship. His strong value on friendship means he is great boyfriend material. Not only that, but his friendly nature means your family and friends will get along with him like a house on fire.

5. He’ll always provide. Those men down under love their meat and can cook a mean BBQ, so you’ll never go hungry.

6. He’s got a great sense of humour. Australian men love nothing more than a good laugh. You’ll tighten that tum in no time from constantly laughing at his jokes.

7. Aussie blokes love to travel. To the point of three, Aussie blokes are adventurers so you better get that passport ready!

8. He’s a lover, not a fighter. Aussie men are generally happy and relaxed beings … who has time for bad moods and fighting?

9. He’s a simple guy. Aussie blokes are extremely laid-back, so there’s no need to fork out on fancy clothing or food to impress him.

10. Aussie men are confident. They don’t wear budgie smugglers for nothing!

11. He works hard but also knows how to have a good time. His fantastic ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude means you’re getting the best of both worlds.

12. He speaks his mind. Australian men are forward and aren’t afraid to tell you exactly what they think. Whether it’s what you want to hear or not – you’ll always know where you stand.

13. He’s a handyman. Need something fixed around the house? Aussie blokes are great with their hands and know their way around a toolbox.

14. He’s full of life. Having grown up with the beach, outdoor sports and Vegemite, Aussie blokes are bursting with vitality.

15. Aussie blokes are the sexiest in the world. Aussie men including Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth have been named the sexiest men alive. Enough said!

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