3 benefits of dating a dog person


OK, let’s get something straight, right off the bat. By ‘dog person’ I don’t mean the fetishized fur-obsessed person who dresses like a dog every day and sits on the outskirts of society, woofing at people. No judgement, but this is not my area of expertise.  #awkwarddating

When I refer to ‘dog people’ here, I’m talking about dog lovers. K9 owners. Pooch admirers.

Coinciding with eHarmony’s new ‘competibility’ TV ad, I’d like to lift the lid on the wonderful and lesser known benefits of dating a dog person. I’ve spoken with many singles about the pros and cons of dating dog people (See previous blog post ‘Must Love Dogs’) and I must say, the positives far outweigh the complaints. Most negative points about dog owners seem to be superficial and ultimately quite trivial, such as ‘If I sit on her couch I’ll get fluff on my jeans’ or ‘I’m not a dog person, what if his dog doesn’t like me?’

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These issues are not genuine deal-breakers for most people, just little quirks that become insignificant when you really like someone and deep compatibility develops.

So, let’s explore the up-side of dating a pooch lover:

  1. Not too selfish

    They have committed to a long-term relationship with a canine and have learned to put someone else’s needs before their own. Behaviours like taking the dog for a walk when it’s raining, sacrificing a weekend away to care for a puppy or going home from a social event early to feed the pooch are all indicators that someone is considerate and ‘other-focused’.

  1. Has the capacity to love

    The number one value of every dog is love. They offer unconditional love and expect nothing but love in return. A dog owner/lover is demonstrating that they have a loving relationship in their life and this is behavioural evidence that they have the potential to love a partner.

  1. Is playful

    Dogs love to play. Someone who lives with a dog probably spends a good proportion of their day ‘playing’. This is a good indicator that they don’t take life too seriously and have the capacity to ‘play’ with a partner too. Doggy names, speaking to the dog, singing to the dog – all good signs that someone doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

    Meet Compatible Matches

So I encourage you to shift your focus from the surface-level trivialities of dog ownership to the deeper, more important things; your values. If you value things like compassion, generosity, companionship, playfulness, love and authenticity, then you might just find some hidden treasures in a dog person.

Start scanning the profiles of your matches for dog pics – I have no doubt a pleasant surprise awaits you.

Happy Dating!

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